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    May 23, 2015
    I've posted this as feedback to another thread in General but thought I would post here as well just to see if other players in the same world are having the same level of difficulty that I and, it would appear, other HMA players in my hood are experiencing:

    In Odhrovar I have been in a totally unfair neighbourhood for nearly 4 months! It's gotten so bad I've given up and removed all defence in an effort to discourage hoodies from attacking and plundering. I really cannot understand how a player with almost 500,000 points needs to plunder coins from such a low-ranking player (+/- 34,000 points) like myself. Other low ranking players who have also been "stuck" in this hood have given up completely and removed all buildings - except special event items and GBs - from their cities. A while ago some desperate low-ranking players removed roads so as to prevent their houses from earning coin and gave up trying to produce goods or raw materials. I have tried the 'tactful' approach by writing to plundering neighbours to let them know that I don't mind if they attack for PvP points but please could they refrain from plundering - only one deigned to reply and promised to stop but has now started plundering on a daily basis. I've tried the 'non-tactful' approach by putting a scathing message into my town profile - that has not stopped the plundering either, perhaps it has even exacerbated it! I've tried putting production onto 24 hours but my houses (which are not 24 hour cycle) still get plundered every day and until I clear the plunder lightning they don't earn anymore coins so I still can't collect from them (real life must take precedence). My king is also plundered everyday even though I try to time collection at the same time as production it's not always possible - I've given up and left the plunder lightning to prevent the king from earning coin. I can only set my markets to produce fps because I can't collect an 8-hour goods production on time every time and they always get plundered; I can't even help my guild by setting the markets to 4-hour guild power production. I've tried to build defence (and attack) GBs and when I had an army in place I put in the strongest defence I could given the age I'm in (HMA) but the bullies still kept coming day, after day, after day! Like the original poster my question is: how is an HMA player supposed to defend themselves against higher age players in a hood where the ratio is - 16 in PE, 40 in IA, 21 in CA and 8 -yes just 8 in HMA? Not only is defence impossible but trade is practically non-existent; I (and the remaining couple of active HMA players) can only trade with guild members and friends.

    This really has to be sorted out if the developers do not want more players to leave and wish to encourage players to spend real cash on diamonds. A guild mate suggested I buy diamonds during the Winter event (due to special offers and prizes etc) but I can assure you I will NOT be spending any real money on this game until this fiasco is resolved! [rant over].
    PS - I can't build 24-hour houses in LMA so there's no point suggesting that I do
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    Feb 16, 2013
    I can relate man. It gets to be a pain after a long while. This is what needs to be updated next Inno.
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    May 23, 2015
    From what I read on the boards it's not likely to happen any time soon :( oh and I stated HMA in my original post but I meant LMA - I get confused very easily :D