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this game sucks

Not open for further replies.


ive been banned because me and my partner play on the same world from the same laptop and didnt realise we had to inform the jobs worths that fact ...

i run my own guild which was very succesful gone up to 25th in the guild ranking and rising ... now all of a sudden im banned for life ... they say they have proof of cheating well everything we've done we have done sepratley the worse thing we have done is traded a few goods with each other ... but then we trade with others alot more ...

in the concluding mail to me they said they had looked into throughly but then completely got the names wrong and which one of us was banned for life and which one was only for 3 days round the wrong way ... so to me they havent they are just fogging me off...
im over 40yrs old so a little to long in the tooth to be cheating in a game that at the end of the day costs me money to play yet there are players out there using cheats to get to the top of the game and allowed to get away with it...


Hi hazel3772...

I am truly sorry to read about your experiences... I am sure the In-Game staff are doing a properly job, but if you believe you have been treated unjustly, please feel free to send a message to an In-Game Mod or a Community Manager.
Discussing bans is against the rules for this forum, so I really can't make any comments.

To mail the appropriate Staff members, look here : Forum Staff


You obviously have dealt with ingame mods in regards to this. You always have the option of asking for a community manager to review your case if you are unhappy with what decision a mod makes. Just make a note in the ingame ticket that you want a community manager to review this and it will be forwarded.

Unfortunately though the forums are not the right place to discuss this sort of thing. This needs to be looked after privately not publicly.


.......... yet there are players out there using cheats to get to the top of the game and allowed to get away with it...
Hi, sorry to hear about your problem, good advice from KD and BS.

You mentioned players cheating, you might want to add details about that to any mail too!


you have been told in order to fight your case you must do so via the support and not here on the forums, as such this thread is going nowhere so im locking it
Not open for further replies.