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there is one in every neighbourhood...


that's alright

There are OF players with blacksmiths everywhere. What noobs :P
If the Colonial people were using goat farms for quests like the OF people, then they're idiots, because if those goat farms work, then blacksmiths would work and you could get 5 blacksmiths for every one goat farm.

I am in CA with some IA players in my hood. I see BA buildings all the time whilst out for a spot of plundering.
You mean industrial age players since there couldn't possibly be iron age in a colonial neighborhood....that abbreviation is InA to separate it from iron age. Those bronze age buildings you mention are probably blacksmiths, they're popular for quests that don't specify an age since they're so small and relatively quick to build.


small and relatively quick to build.
Small and quick are definitely the main advantages to blacksmiths. For some InA cities, depending on which GBs are there, it may also be important that they require hardly any population.

Any n00b reading this, make a note: Blacksmiths are very useful for quests and events; they can speed things up considerably.
Another tip: Apart from some very few and specific exceptions, upgrading all residential and production buildings to current age is always the best move. The increase in coin and supplies production far outweighs the costs, and you free up space, which is one of the game's scarcest resources.


Apart from some very few and specific exceptions
Yup, I'd like to see them tho. Here in EMA, tannery is better than shoemaker pop wise, worse space wise - if you're short on pop, use tanneries, and frame houses are worse than cottages pop wise. What are others, at least up to CA?


I was referring to using buildings of your current age. Internally in each age, identifying the most desirable building will often be difficult, and depend on what other buildings you have. For instance, the total space requirement of a production building must include the space required for the necessary population. How much space that is, however, depends on what residential buildings you use, which depends on multiple things, such as how much coin you need, how often you can collect, and what technologies you have researched. To figure out the most advantageous of such combinations, you need to either find a site that has done (some of) the math, do the math yourself, or a combination of the two. Either that, or find someone who has done the math, and has a better memory than me. There are plenty of reference sites out there, though. A simple Google search will have you virtually drowning in them.

I'm afraid I relied mostly on event buildings and GE reward buildings in EMA, and have relied exclusively on them from HMA and up. The ranking of the regular buildings they outcompeted isn't something I remember. I did build some shoemakers in EMA, though. Currently, regardless of which era you're in, and for pure supply production, I'd recommend the basic Cider Mill.


@Einrikr Well, I have only a single cider mill, 0 upgrades and it's BA, it's still in place though :) And yes, a lot of maths is needed to calculate the exact optimum, taking the entire city planning as one of the input variables. Heh. Anyway, pop problems are resolved with Innovation Tower once you can get that built XD Tower of Babel does help some, mine is at lv5 and it's better than 4 houses pop wise, so Imma keeping it for a good long forever.

Frankly, I use pop in this case as an intermediate "supply" resource, with its optimum being slightly above zero, and would try to maximize either goods production, units capacity/production, FP production or quests (coins+supplies -> fnords/UBQ), depending on desired playstyle.


My Cider Mills are also just the basic version. I have some upgrade kits, but, at present, I use them for supplies, and the basic version is more space efficient, and offers more production lengths. Once they're no longer competitive with regular supply buildings, I'll either bring them up an age or more, upgrade them for FP production, or replace them with more recent special buildings. It all depends on what's needed and what's available.

If you bring your ToB up higher, you should keep it permanently. Once you reach ME, the unrefined goods will come in handy, and you'll feel very silly, tearing it down and building it up. It seems like you have a handle on the city planning, though. Keep tuning the balance and adapting to change, and have fun!


Worse than not removing is not building . I prefer to plunder 11 coins from a stilt house than nothing from an empty city .

Zeratul 2.0

Lieutenant Colonel
So many posts... Let me only read the title.

I read the title and thought, perhaps it means "there is one (person that is just the same as me, somehow) in every neighbourhood"!


So many posts... Let me only read the title.

I read the title and thought, perhaps it means "there is one (person that is just the same as me, somehow) in every neighbourhood"!
I thought, "always one in every neighbourhood... who wastes their troops on me day after day after day and when I see what they're attacking with... troops 2 eras below... and then I laugh..." Typically, those are the same people who are still using goat farms in the colonial age (though i'm one behind, there are usually at least five in a neighbourhood still with a goat farm!)


What concerns me is , is it any of your business to rant about other people's buildings. Help them and advise them and maybe as I have just done, In the Contemporary Era build an IA goods building


Ah but what about those who reach Contemporary and haven't acquired a GB and still have EMA residential everywhere and a Dye Works? Usually fielding either two spears, a solitary rogue or 8x Missile Artillery as a DA................and for some reason don't seem to have an option to aid their hood! They do however have the message facility and use it quite readily to complain they are being attacked, and claim the attack boost they see against them must be through hacking.

Sorry, just realised the thread was about "one in every neighbourhood", not "everyone in the neighbourhood", my apologies.


@stevejohnson, these aren't rants. They're acerbic comments about some very peculiar and strangely common mistakes. Why not have some fun with them? As long as it doesn't get out of hand and sticks to a legitimate subject, it does no harm. If they're smart, people who fit the target will read the comments as advice.

@Gouls' post lists a few common n00b errors. Those reading this and suspect that they may be among the "one in every neighborhood", learn from it!

Some tips about those mistakes:

The game is about Great Buildings to a much larger extent than about ages. Don't progress in age at the expense of GBs!

Production and residential buildings should always be from the current era. They'll pay for themselves within a few collections. There's no excuse for wasting space on old ones. I never accept friend requests or guild applications from people with outdated production and residential buildings; it's just too basic a mistake, and they rarely last long in the game.

From the perspective of a plunderer, rather than a plundered: Never complain about being plundered! You could try a polite request; that rarely does any harm. Complaining, though, that does harm. If you're rude enough, you'll end up on someone's "crap list", and you'll be plundered every time you're in the same neighborhood as them. Instead, try aiding your attacker. That's right, sounds ridiculous, but a lot of people do their aiding from Event History, by simply returning all received aid. If you're on it as having aided them, they'll aid you on "autopilot", and won't be able to attack for the next 24 hours.


I was referring to using buildings of your current age. Internally in each age, identifying the most desirable building will often be difficult, and depend on what other buildings you have.
Another factor: how much weight you put on completing quests when events come round (or story quests)

The colonial age tobacco plantation may be the best supply building for its age, but for completing events you won't have enough space to only use them for supplies unless you're not producing many goods/units. So I ended up using a combination of Tobacco + sailmaker + clockmaker to have enough buildings so I can complete event quests in one go that require 24 hrs (10 buildings).

Another thing is how long you wish to keep those supply buildings. By the time you reach Colonial age it'd take a full week before breaking even on building those supply buildings. So if you're going to tear it down a couple days later when you reach industrial for an industrial supply building, you might as well save your resources and build something from a lesser era for the intermittent duration (anything from Bronze Age will return its full expense in 1 hr).

Maybe this has something to do with why they'd have a goat farm. (or they just like the look of the mixed era combined)


Yes, occasionally you need small production buildings, rather than efficient ones. Unless there's an era constraint, I use blacksmiths (cheap, minimal space, minimal population). Otherwise, there's no choice but to build the smallest from the current or previous era. The goat farm, however, isn't a particularly small building.

Progressing in era so fast that you can't earn back on your production and residential buildings is usually a sign that you're moving much too fast. Of course, there are some good reasons for speedy progress through an age or two, but not that many. The drawbacks, on the other hand, are plentiful. You'll lack previous era goods, and trading down can be a slow and cumbersome process. Both you and your guild need goods for several purposes, and GE negotiations require previous era goods. Your GBs will fall behind, creating several problems, including in attack and defence, impacting GE, GvG, quests, Continent Map progression, and deterrence of neighborhood attacks. You'll fall on the neighborhood ranking, which increases the risk that plunderers will test your defences, which will be weak, because you haven't had time to increase them. N00bs need to be especially wary of fast age progression; learning to recognize and avoid the pitfalls takes time. Progress shouldn't be steeper than the learning curve.

FoE is a game for the patient.