The Solomonars are Recruiting

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    Apr 15, 2018

    We are currently looking for active, like-minded players to join our guild: The Solomonars.

    The Solomonars is a newly formed guild with experienced players, that have ambitious ideals.
    We use a unique FP fund system, that rewards members fairly should you decide to participate.
    This enhances your GB leveling, while removing the competition that is inherent with "swap" threads.

    We open at least Lvl 3 in GE. Although we do not force this on you, we do look for people willing to actively partake in GE. We strongly believe GE is beneficial for yourself, and willing to assist and advise you on how to get your best results.

    And if you're into GvG, all the better! We 'will' be relevant, and already have key strategies in place.

    Do apply if this sounds like it can fit your style. We welcome new and experienced players alike.

    Feel free to contact Spirell if you'd like to learn more.

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