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The Seekers casual guild is now recruiting for 10 or so open spots!

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The Seekers Want YOU! We are a group of both casual and competitive players with a laid back atmosphere. We are currently seeking active players to join our ranks. While deference will be given to more experienced players, your current city score or era are not overly important to us. What IS important is logging in often enough to collect your coin/goods/resources, spend your forge points as you see fit, as well as participating in the trade market and guild mail/chat. If we can at least accomplish high participation towards that goal, all the other things like growth and such fall in place by default. We have limited space available (maybe 5 spots) so make haste in deciding. If this sounds like your kind of place then join us as we band together to make The Seekers strong...and most of all lets enjoy the game & have fun.


We do support and encourage the PVP aspect of this game. It is a large part of city growth and as such overall guild growth. That being said, we here in The Seekers realize that PVP is just one of several ways a member can contribute to the overall strength of the guild. Whether you are more driven by PVP, or maybe the markets, or production or by motivating/polishing aspect all contributions are equally important to us.


Please send all requests to join our guild to Nickmo (The Seekers second in command,) or to Coltfan1313 (our recruitment official). They handle all requests for membership.


We here in The Seekers believe that each player should play this game for their own fun and at their own pace. As such we don’t believe in “rules” that would mandate minimum activity levels. That said, we DO expect our members to follow these basic guidelines of common courtesy, respect and decorum.

1. Please try and aid fellow guild members by motivating and polishing as often as you can. Obviously the more often you do it, the more often it’s returned to you but we realize that it’s time consuming, so do what you can without making this game a chore.

2. Please make reasonable trades within our guild. Try to make trades to aid fellow guild members using the “guild only“ function.

3. We understand that this game is entertainment for most and an escape from the doldrums of everyday life, so we don’t expect a lot. We do however expect members to be considerate when they are playing, to be friendly and courteous to both members and neighbors alike.

4. If you are unable to participate for periods longer than one week, please notify the officers and make a post in the forums.

****Most importantly, have FUN and enjoy this game!
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