Confirmed: The return of the tiny Iron Age Archers


I had a nasty surprise when starting GE this week on Rugnir: glitches that were solved earlier made their way back to the game.
Namely, there are two visual bugs that occur in battle with two early game units :

The mouse-sized IA archer when in movement (he goes back to his human size when stationed or attacking):
Tiny Archers FoE - V1.157.jpg

I also noticed, on Parkog this time, that EMA Armoured Infantry units vanished without performing their death animation.

Glitches like this may affect other units in the game, but I have seen that with IA Archers and EMA Arm. Infantry so far.
It is only visual, and does not affect the gameplay in any way.

Additional Info :
Version : 1.157
OS : Windows 10
Browser : Firefox 60.0
Client : HTML5 (Rugnir), DirectX11 (Flash, Parkog & Korch)

Thanks in advance for your attention,


I just fought again on Rugnir. Unfortunately, the Lilliputian archers are still here. It's only when they are moving. They are normal-sized when stationed or attacking.


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FoE Team
Beta Community Manager
This is still with the development team, thanks for your patience.