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The Outrulers are now Recruiting.


We are a friendly and laid back guild and the majority of us are active players, so we are looking for folks that are the same.

We do encourage weekly participation in the GE, help each other with trades, FP's and BP's for GB's.

We ask that you are respectful and mindful of other guild members - no abuse to other guild members will be tolerated as we have guild members of all ages.

If you have a question about anything you can usually find an admin member online available to help you, as we currently have a few admin in different time zones to ensure help is readily available. The majority of our guild members have been with us for a year or more, so we are tight knit.

If you are interested in joining us, please submit your application.

Happy Forging.

Laurie - Admin Outrulers.


We are still recruiting active guild members as a few of our old guild members just got bored of playing the game and have since retired.

Maya who posted her query above has been in our guild since she requested to join. She seems to be pretty happy in our guild and is super respectful to everyone.

In the past few months we have arranged a strong alliance with a guild that is in the top 40 to get goods from higher ranking era's (ie: The Future Era and up) an awesome bunch of folks whom are extremely respectful and help us out with all kinds of trades.

All we also ask is that if you need a break for a bit or have "life" to deal with, just let one of our Admins know. If anyone goes MIA without notification, we will remove you from the guild if you are MIA for more than 30 days.

We have GM's that are located in the UK, Canada, Aus and South Africa.

Just shoot me a PM in the game and feel free to ask any questions.

Happy Forging.