The Noble Temple is recruiting


Guild Name: The Noble Temple

Leader(s) of Guild: Spl1t, Youngweezie, Welsh Warrior 1 and Lysurgus

Requirements to Join: We are recruiting active members who will participate in GE and Battlegrounds weekly

Resources we have to trade: We currently have up to AF goods within the guild, but we have dealers outside of the guild we often do business with. Unfair trades within the guild are welcome as long as we are aware of them and the reason behind them.

Why we rock: We are scattered across the globe. All players play as a family And teat others with respect. We are active in GE and have a good record, but are also finding our feet with Battlefields. To those with newer cities, Youngweezie drops a 50fp daily donation on a gb and ther is a rota for the players of younger cities who will receive this. We have a 1.9 thread and encourage all players to use it for their gbs. This is the most amazing guild I have been in during my time in Korch and since being in this guild, I have been promoted to founder. It’s a laid back guild with fabulous players. If you fancy a change, come join us.