The great TOR controversy


I levelled my TOR to level 100 and found that the relic appearance % is stuck at 33.75

Is this the highest it can go? If so, it's kinda unfair that Arc spammers can get an increase with every level and yet TOR is capped

(Yes, I know that I am more likely to get a jade relic with each subsequent level: I couldn't care less about that because I already have in my inventory dozens of the buildings that it gives).


First: congrats!
Now yes I agree with you it should give something even if it's a different, meaningless bonus such as a boost on crates or a coin/supply/happiness production. If they don't change it my advice would be to level something else then something elser then something elsest ect.


I kinda know that I can 'level something else'. That doesn't really help, because I already spent fp levelling TOR this far.
Reno's and One-Up's from Jade's are going to continue to have value at least. I need tons more of them on some worlds.

Test Ament

I think the concept of 0.25% steps after x levels is terrible

each level should have a smaller incremental that the level which are currently increasing keep their value and the level between also increases
so if currently after 5 levels it gives up 0.25% then it would be 0.05% each level

and above 100 it should also increase. every level. very slow but increase. (don't know maybe 0.03% per level)

other great buildings also increase every level by 0.x% (Atlantis, AO, Seed Vault,..) and don't keep the same percentage for many levels

oh wait: the Blue Galaxy would also need a 0.x% increase every level and not 1% after many levels

... that the relic appearance % is stuck at 33.75
who knows. maybe at level 120 it jumps to 34% :o
(that is the problem. players don't know if and when there will be the next increase)