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Closed The Forged Painting

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ללא שם.jpg


Hello guys! Now you start to confuse.

@Billybro - I would like to inform you that your image has not come through, please could you try again.
- is this message for me or for everyone? Who's image has not come through?

In the terms of competition it is said: "You can enter by submitting your answer here on the competition page. I would say that the easiest form to submit your answers is to right click on the original picture click - save as...". I am not the holder of English language, but as far as I understand we should save the ORIGINAL picture which is IN the frame, mark all differences and present it to you. Is this correct? Is my picture in frame correct?

Thank you.



I put little white stars where the differences are located. Hope it is clear enough!

Thank you :D


  • Game.pdf
    417.8 KB · Views: 60



I've put it as a pic again, if you want me to write it out i can buddy or just send the pic in an email to you so you know i'm not blagging lol.


Just spent about an hour trying to upload the attachment at png, jpeg and pdf with no luck. This is more complicated than it has to be.
In textual format the fifteen differences are:
  1. On the main Castle the leftmost green banner is missing.
  2. On the main Castle the middle of the three center windows is upside down.
  3. On the main Castle the rightmost tab sticking up from the roof is missing.
  4. To the right of the main Castle a small cloud is missing.
  5. To the right of the main Castle the leftmost of the six birds is missing.
  6. On the tower to the left of the main Castle a window is missing on the wall with the chimney.
  7. Below that tower the house with the red roof is missing a wooden beam that should be sticking up from the left side of the roof.
  8. The front centre house with the spire is missing one hinge on the front door.
  9. The front centre house with the spire has an error in the order of the pictures on its sign (on the right side of the building)
  10. The front centre house with the spire is missing the reflection on the rightmost window of its small tower.
  11. The front tached house is missing a window on the outcropping on the center of the front wall.
  12. Some of the smoke from the chimney on the front thached house is missing, revealing the rightmost of the three windows on the building behind.
  13. The cart in the foreground is missing the red towel hanging over the top canvas.
  14. The rightmost building in the foreground is missing one of the two barrels placed to the right of the building.
  15. Just to the left of this buildings chimney, some blue and white striped object is missing.
Thank you for arranging the competition. The challenge was fun, though I cannot say I enjoyed using this forum.


Chief Warrant Officer

1. Cloud Missing
2. Last Stone Slab missing
3. Bird Missing
4. Window upside down
5. Flag missing
6. Window Missing
7. Stone Slab on the roof missing
8. Window colored (No colored glass in the original)
9. Window visible through the smoke (none in original)
10. Striped Barber Pole (not sure if its supposed to be barber pole or just a striped pillar) missing
11. Center Latch missing on the door (3 in the original, only 2 in the fraud)
12. Signage upside down from original
13. Window Missing
14. Brown color (Cloth maybe) missing from the original
15. 2nd Barrel missing



Resend Again.

I hope you have received the attached copy of the 15 differences. I circled on the original picture, the different between real & fake.



had a error uploading file here it is again


  • pic.jpg
    186.5 KB · Views: 64


I can't upload my picture, it says that the file is too big....

The differences are:
1) The left green banner is missing
2) The Inn sign's drawings are mixed up
3) There is an orange patch on the tent
4) The green Spiral is missing
5) The middle window on the castle is upside down
6) A bird is missing
7) The mound/barrel at the bottom right is missing
8) The window in the bottom middle house is missing
9) The window on the right of the tower on the left is missing
10) The smoke from the bottom middle house isn't covering the window of the house above it
11) The bolt on the bottom left house is missing
12) The window on the tower of the bottom left house is a different colour
13) The top right parapet of the castle is missing
14) The cloud above the right green banner is missing
15) The white bit on the left end of the house on the back left is missing.

Thank you as always!! Fimgers crossed!! :)
Not open for further replies.