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Closed The Forged Painting

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Ragu Silvertongue, your right hand man, visited Greva at her request, as an unusual painting had come in to her possession in a recent art auction. Ragu noticed that this is the same picture that hangs in the museum, it is one of a kind, yet there is a duplicate. Ragu Brings this to your attention, noting the paintings carry some differences proving it is a forgery! There are 15 differences can you help find these differences? The framed artwork is the original!

You can enter by submitting your answer here on the competition page. I would say that the easiest form to submit your answers is to right click on the original picture click - save as, and if you open this using and editor program such as Microsoft Paint and save the image as a JPEG file, you can then upload this to the Competition page, you can enter in any form you wish to use, if you find typing your answers then you may do so.

Please note - that only one entry per account

How to take part and enter the competition.

  1. Scroll down to the bottom you will see a text box
  2. Submit your answers in any form
  3. Click enter

The competition will close at 23:59 on Tuesday 12th June 2018. Your answers will be hidden so that other players can not see your answers and copy therefore your post will say "awaiting moderators approval". Once the competition has closed your answers will be reviewed and only the correct posts will be verified and the winners will be posted. There will be 2 winners chosen at random who will receive 1,000 Diamonds each!

Greva's fraud:
difference 2.png

The original and best:

Thank you to @DaegonDrake & @Neoth for this month's contest!


Greta's fraud picture: The building at the back on the left side is a darker color, the building at the back center three windows has a window upside down plus a green flag missing on top of the building. The smoke coming from the chimney from the building's on the right side are different to the original. The flag hanging outside the tavern has the hammer under the amble instead of above and the middle hinge on the door missing. The building in the middle left side has a block of wood missing off the top of the roof left side. There is a window missing from the second section of the building in from the right front of picture. A barrel missing from the right front side of the picture. One bird missing from in the sky, the extra cloth patch on top of the wagon at front of the picture is missing.
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Here are all 15...


  • difference 2.jpg
    difference 2.jpg
    252.2 KB · Views: 180


There is a barrel on orginal next to first house on the right, on the fake the barrel is missing.


The differences I found

1. Leeft tower of the palace to the top misses a green flag
2. One white bird is missing
3. White house with straw roof in the bottom center doesn`t have a blue window in the center
4. On the bottom right corner the house has 2 barrels in the original and 1 in the fraud version
5. The right green flagged tower on the top has a cloud above the flag. In the fraud its missing
6.In the center of the palace building the central window is upside down onn the fraud
7. Yellow cart on the bottom right corner has a red cloth on the roof on the original which is missing in the fraud
8.The house with the black roof at the bottom - the door is missing one metal element in the center
9.The house with the black roof at the bottom - on its top tower one of the windows has a white reflection on the original and is completely blue in the fraud
10. The left top tower of the palace is missing a small black window on its right side under the smaller chimney
11. Above the yellow treee there is a striped column missing
12. The straw roofed house on the bottom - smoke from its chimney is blurring the window above it in the fraud while in the original its visible
13. Red roofed house on the left side below the palace - it has 2 elements on the roof ends , while on the fraud version the left one is missing
14. The house with the black roof at the bottom - on the right size it has a flag with 3 yellow elements. In the fraud they are ordered in different way
15. On the palace right green flag - on the edge of the palace roof there is an element on the roof edge which is missing in the frad




  • difference-2.png.jpg
    179.9 KB · Views: 175


  1. Missing green flag top left of building
  2. Missing white bird top right in sky
  3. Upside down middle window upper floor of main building
  4. Spiral patterned pillar on building to right of main building partially behind golden leafed tree
  5. Bottom right of screen item on floor to right of building
  6. Patch missing on yellow canvas roof of stall front right of image
  7. Sign on the building in the middle of the screen shows the icons in a different order
  8. Missing hinge on door of building at the front and just to left of centre
  9. Missing ridge stone on right hand side of roof top of the main building
  10. Missing cloud above green flag on left of main building
  11. Tower to right of main building is missing a window on the wall facing towards the main building
  12. Smoke across window of building just to the right of centre
  13. Missing window in property in front and just to right of centre


  • may2newframe.jpg
    388.8 KB · Views: 94


PFA for the image with differences marked in circle


  • difference 2.jpeg
    difference 2.jpeg
    140.7 KB · Views: 104


This is my competition entry.


  • may2newframeAnswers.jpg
    313.7 KB · Views: 173


differences marked on uploaded file


  • greva-1.png
    579.4 KB · Views: 180
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