The Forge Valentines Sale


"Will everything be stupidly overpriced like normal? "

I'm guessin yes .. just like everything else on Valentines Day. So, should I spend $50 on roses or <insert building here>. Nothing like monetizing the concept of this day. Would be nice to give some love back, how about inno sends us all active player 1500 diamonds instead?
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Will everything be stupidly overpriced like normal?
Do you really expect it not to be?

Overpriced as usuall with items of which most are total rubbish no one would even buy for a much lower price.
Then again, there will always be some that keep actions like this alive.
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When you remember that Black Friday sale, was a sale that they only sold overpriced items for thousands of diamonds and didn't even offer cheaper diamond packages for the sale on the one day of the year where usually everything everywhere is cheaper in every game or store.

FoE "sales" always amuse me.