"The Bridge"


Hi ... if you are active player and like to grow quick, getting top knowledge of the game, support by experienced players including help for goods to build GB's, then join our top 10 guild ... send me a message or application.
This applies to those that played the game before (on other worlds) and to complete newbies
Exclusively we do have a trainings ground - where you can practise fighting (for GE, PvP, GvG) at no time constraints, and against any type or age of troops you want to practicse. A few sectors on AA map are always available for this.
Guides for newbies in Forum and Help threads plus guidance, no pressure to enjoy a game as it should be = having a bit fun 8-)
Else, we have all that other guilds offer and a little more :) ... great supportive people, seasoned players to guide and assist - all what is required is being active, friendly and preferably playing on PC.
... Cheers - KDS