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The Blackdeath Order (The Please Yourself Guild))


Guild Banner.jpg Hi People, Im Plod, I started this guild, because like alot of you, i'm a working guy, with a life, sometimes i;m busy, sometimes I'm not
I could help one day, but not the next, so, no rules hear, do what you want, when you can, we all like to polish and motivate, and we know it helps, but if I'm to busy, someone else in the guild will help, we use our common sense and help when we can, you will not be thrown out for not helping, we take on players that are only active weekends or just a couple of days a week, Why, because we have fun, we are not worried we are not number 1, but we have a laugh and enjoy the game for what it is, a good fighting/Trading/Buiulding/Game.
A Quote from one of my many members
Kasperio: I initially joined the guild with the assumption that it was "just like any other" with the same old rules and restrictions that applies. Now I've been part of this guild for several months and I cannot even begin to describe how wrong I was! You want your ideal guild to be a friendly place and feel welcome, and this guild has a very fun and intrigueing social aspect. Everyone talks to everyone, not just elite players with eachother and news with eachother. Infact, there's no real such thing as noob. From the moment you join you'll feel accepted and welcome. Plod makes a great effort to make sure everyone tries to welcome the new people, and if you got something to say, you say it. At the same time, there's a very polite and friendly atmosphere which allows constructive and helpful conversations. As an added bonus, I think the longest I've had a trade up in the guild without it being taken must've been about 2-3 hours or so. As long as the offer is fair, there's likely always someone willing to trade with you. I came for a few days of entertainment in this guild, I stayed for the awesome. "
If you would like an invite, please ask Plod or Kasperio
Have Fun and Plunder