Teutonic Knights Recruiting.. Fel Dranghyr


Hi all,

Teutonic Knights are recruiting. It is a very low-maintenance guild with no formal rules or requirements. I would encourage members to polish/motivate back and forth when they can, trade with each other and to help level-up GB's whenever possible. We cooperate whenever we can, but otherwise things are very quiet and stress-free here. Membership is open to all and from any age from beginners to PME Age.

We will actively participate in the GvG wars depending on members level and ability to participate.

If this is interesting to you, please reply here or send me a message and I will send you an invitation.

Yours, Estipar
Hi Estipar,
Name: Phenix of the Fire.
Requesting an invite to the guild.
will help out wherever I can with GvG and GB as well as motivating and polishing.
Thank you.


Hi everyone.. We are still recruiting new members if you are looking for a Guild to join..We are now active in GvG and looking for new Knights to participate.. Ping me for an invite.

Regards, Estipar