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Terrain Titans Recruiting!


Terrain Titans is recruiting!


Terrain Titans is looking for active members to join our guild, this ranges from Bronze age all the way up! (but does not include once a day log in diamond farm cities).

We are a level 34 guild, offering 4fp increase from your town hall, 8% cheaper buildings and 18% speed boost to all military production and healing times. We have been a part of Sinerania for awhile now, often fighting for the top. We have made an effort now though to become a lot more relaxed and drama free, therefore a more friendly guild to be in with people chatting constantly. A great group of friends all playing the game together and having fun together! We are currently working up our Arcs and getting people aged up to one day provide any good you may need.

We are also currently in Plat, so near max GBG rewards for personal participation too!

Requirements to Join:

1. GE requirements: A minimum of level 1 completed is required, this is purely to show activity but of course completing GE also helps your city grow. We are currently opening up all of GE.
2. GBG requirements: all members will be required to complete 35 attacks OR 18 negotiations OR a combination of both.
3. Treasury buildings: Everyone is covering their cost of GE levels 2-4. Be it through obs, Arc, SoH or personal donations. Just takes one of these :)
4. Communication: If someone in leadership sends you a message, please reply. We also expect you to communicate any absences from the game.

GVG is optional, but we are looking for GVG members as well if you do want to do it including a GVG leader.
Bi Weekly prizes: At the end of every GBG, if you've done at least 50 advancements (over the entire GBG) your name goes into a hat for FP prizes!

To apply: Simply apply to the guild and someone will contact you.

During the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak we are being very lenient with the rules and not kicking anyone even if they don't meet basic requirements. We must support everyone currently fighting this virus. You will not be kicked for inactivity unless you disappear for months, and if you tell us why (such as you are a healthcare worker, the people at the moment who are saving the entire world) then you will never be removed. Many of our members are currently very busy with their real life and right now will be less active in chats.
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Good Luck and a lot of activity i wish !
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Join TT Now and your FP bar could look like this too! Gotta love them GBG guild benefit rewards !