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Temple of Relics


Chief Warrant Officer
Do the relic rewards improve at higher levels or is it still Gates of Sun God and Faces of Ancients but just more of them? (GE1-GE3) Luckily it keeps the AD fed but good rewards do come but are rare and surely there are other low level prizes we could be given? loathed to keep feeding fps in this large gb if little else on offer? also not risking my goods, medals and diamond stock to attempt GE4 now harder and have some GOSS and FOA upgrades.

Knight of ICE

FoE Team
Forum Moderator
Relic rewards do not improve. You have 3 types of relics that are the same on every level.


Here is an overview of what rewards these relics can give you, and the respective probability to win those specific rewards.

Ge relic common.png
Common (Silver)
Ge relic uncommon.png
Uncommon (Gold)
Ge relic rare.png
Rare (Jade)
20 Forge Points100 Forge PointsTerrace Farm
25 Goods (1 type)200 Goods (1 type)Sacred Sky Watch
5 Light Units10 RoguesFountain of Youth
5 Ranged UnitsRitual FlameOne Up Kit
5 Fast UnitsTribal SquareRenovation Kit
5 Heavy UnitsSmall Medals PackageStore Building
5 Artillery Units
Double Blueprint
Face of the Ancient
Gate of the Sun God

What does become better at higher levels are the prizes you get from the chests.


Chief Warrant Officer
Ah thanks Ice for all that. Am knee deep in most of that so helps my fp investment decision. Am even selling wells and FOY on AD as not earning their keep lol.


I get a lot of rewards at lvl 80, rare a GE level doesnt have at least one jade usually 2/3 or several gold. It's a bad week if I don't end with at least 3 reno/one up and a full row of 5 other buildings for the AD at least.

One of the best things about it is the constant source of decent buildings for gem for AD after Reno kits etc which I've stopped trying to win in events now and rely on tor.
At ToR lvl 80 it's 32.5% chance for a relic to pop up.
A lot of the building rewards from relics may only be AD fodder, and the units rewards may not make a big difference, and who needs bps when you already have plenty, - but the high chance to win 100 fps or 200 goods from a high lvl ToR is not bad. Reno- and One Up Kits and Store Buildings can always come in handy at some point.