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Tables Turning, Sinking Feeling?

Who do you think will hold onto first place in the future?

  • Synergy Factor

    Votes: 8 53.3%
  • Terrain Titans

    Votes: 6 40.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 1 6.7%

  • Total voters


Someone wise once said that “Pride comes before a fall.”

Less talking, more doing :rolleyes:
I can get behind this though not sure if Gisks pride or just super salty :) Too bad though next ones not diamond yet. Rewards still have yet to increase to their max level, been enjoying the 7 FP per tick, soon to be 10. Wonder how the map dynamic changes as each zone takes more to control.

Oh well, for now we gotta wait and see!

Congrats NR on your win too! See you've made it into Plat now :D Ooohhh GBG has brought back so much life into this game <3


I can get behind this though not sure if Gisks pride or just super salty :) Too bad though next ones not diamond yet. Rewards still have yet to increase to their max level, been enjoying the 7 FP per tick, soon to be 10. Wonder how the map dynamic changes as each zone takes more to control.

Oh well, for now we gotta wait and see!
Let's wait and see what will happen. I'm not a big fan of gambling, but my guess is that the gap between both guilds will enlarge in next weeks and months. You can make some screenshots and we will confront that soon


Tables Turning, Sinking Feeling?

For those unfamiliar with Sinerania, right off the bat Synergy Factor have been the clear leaders and Terrain Titans have safely been second. After that, well, that changes with each round of GBG. Sinerania is still quite young which means that GBG has a bigger influence on the ranks, especially for mid-tier guilds whose prestige and guild power is almost solely derived from GBG. SF and TT do have a sizeable GvG holding though which really separates them from the rest, and at first SF kept a healthy lead in GBG just like GvG... but not any more.

Lets compare the guilds:
Synergy Factor
Terrain Titans
Platinum (several rounds)​
Platinum (first round)​
Britt the third​
Top 1 Days​

SF have kept more or less the same lineup since the start of the world, but TT have had a more enthusiastic recruitment strategy, including about a dozen former WS players. If we look at the top player ranks, 6 of the top 7 are in SF with TT's Sierra Sola in 3rd being the exception.

Due to SF being ranked a league above the rest, it means each round has involved the top 5 guilds, typically the bottom three don't make it to the top BG next round due to the MMR gains of winning a lower league. Having said that, guilds like TT, LS and NR have found themselves frequently fighting at the top.

The first rounds of GBG went more or less as everyone expected with SF winning, and few serious deals forming. Some guilds like TT wanted to take on SF no matter what, LS instead tried having a truce with SF to secure 2nd place and the majority of the mid-tier guilds either gave up or got swept away, leaving SF safe to get a win each round... but the cracks were starting to form early.

In round 3 SF faced off against TT and WS. TT tried to ease off WS in the hope that the two of them would become natural allies against SF, but it wasn't to be and the Wolves instead sunk their fangs into the Titans to secure second place for themselves.

Round 4 saw SF and LS on opposite sides of the map with a truce to not cross the middle. This left NR fighting LS and WS fighting SF and the truce looked rock hard... and then it cracked. LS broke the deal, some say it was players just attacking without reading orders, others say it was LS players wanting to lash out against SF. Either way, the truce broke. It was too late to change the outcome of round 4, but this was the last time SF would have it easy.

Round 5 saw TT and LS - the two strongest rivals of SF - together again in Platinum and things went differently. They teamed up and delivered and pushed SF down to 3rd. Remember that while 3rd (out of 5) doesn't increase MMR/Prestige, it doesn't drop it either. It wasn't what happened to SF that was important, two more important things happened. 1) TT got a nice boost to help close the gap and 2) TT and LS would stay in Platinum next round to do it all again.

Round 6 - this time it wasn't just TT and LS, but NR and KIS joined in on the act too. SF realised their energies would be better placed elsewhere and stepped back taking last place.

The invincible had fallen.

So what happens now in GBG?
Gisklerific from SF had this to say about future rounds:

"We approach the game with long term goals in mind. Winning or losing some GBG rounds matters little, it’s not worth spending all our troops and goods on a marginally better reward. We are always open to negotiating with anyone and will stick to the letter of any deals we make. I just think most have made up their minds about who we are and what our intentions are."

That last line echos a sentiment that anyone familiar with the top has felt. Are SF arrogant? Are they just looking out for themselves? Or are they playing the same game as the rest of us, and the hate just comes from them being in the top spot?

Future rounds of GBG will be interesting, given the results it should be more or less the same, maybe with KIS replaced by another mid-tier guild like Shadow Assassins (formerly WS and TPS). From talking to the leaders, there don't seem to be any long term alliances, rather short term truces to focus on SF for now, but what if SF find an ally? What if cracks form between TT and LS?

XxFloxX from NR had this to say on the matter:

"My feeling is they have the lead and they are treading water once they can all pull together they will wipe the board."

Where does this lead?
The language used gets uglier and uglier by the day. SF have won many rounds of GBG, but haven't won many friends. So what happens beyond GBG? If other guilds continue to team up and beat SF in GBG will SF spill the fighting out into GvG to make up lost ground? Surely in the higher ages SF could out-muscle TT and any allies they have.

I asked Gisklerific from SF about this and got this reply:

"Currently we have an agreement with TT, well Sierra, that we’ll leave each other alone in GvG. The maps are still mostly open and there’s plenty of room."

When asked about the possibility of SF declaring war in GvG, Britt the third from TT had this to say:

"SF have already been working hard on their GvG land to make up the prestige difference to remain first. We play this game day to day to have fun and meet new people. We love our little group of TTs and we will work together to handle SF as needed."

It sounds like GvG war is unlikely... for now, there's a lot to lose for anyone involved, but there's one very significant thing to win.

The crown.

Thanks for reading, I am not in either SF or TT so a lot of information is second hand and I may have interpreted it incorrectly. If there is a mistake, please let me know and I will try to correct it. Thanks to Gisklerific, Britt the third, XxFloxX, Venus the Proud and anyone else who helped with the article and information (os, Godisgood).
The crack broke, now we are working on The Plan.