Synergy is recruting EMA fighters!

The Odhrorvar branch of Synergy (which has its roots in East-Nagach) was founded by players tired to Guild politics and endless, convoluted rules. Synergy is a fun, positive place, where we can all help each other through trades, Forge Point swaps, and GvG, to enjoy Forge of Empires! Despite having been founded only 2 weeks ago, we are currently at Level 4 and continue to expand!

We have very few rules:
1) Respect your Guild-mates (no name calling, passive-aggressive posts, etc.);
2) Fair Trades only (1:1 ratio for current Age, 2:1 either side of current Age). You are, of course,
welcome to negotiate unfair trades privately with Guild-mates;
3) 1 Forge Point donation to all Great Buildings in the mud; and
4) Please don’t level up someone else’s Great Building (i.e., let the owner apply the last Forge Point).

We are currently active in EMA, and are hoping to expand into LMA. Whether you are a new or experienced player, we encourage you to join us!
Whether you are a new or experienced player, we encourage you to join us!

White Tiger's is looking to recruit some fighters or farmers for our Iron and Colonial Ages Guild vs Guild battles. We're currently in 1st place in Iron Age and are looking to expand our influence!

We have Forge Point swap threads, where people will help you level your Great Buildings, and our guild bonuses mean cheaper building costs and reduced army recruitment/healing times for you. We also help players get their buildings out of the mud by donating the requisite FPs. Additionally, at the moment, we have no so-called "fair trade" rules, meaning you can post trades for goods several levels above yours. So if you're like to actively participate in IA or CA GvG, drop me a line and let's chat!