SV is Recruiting...Shameless Valor in Noarsil

Hello everyone...Happy New Year!!

Shameless Valor is now at level 31.

I’m the Founder/Creator of Shameless Valor. I began my FOE journey March 2018 to create a guild that can challenge on a weekly basis in the Guild Expedition and we’ve done exceptionally well as a result.

Nearly 2 years later, we are a level 31 guild with 78 first place finishes.

We have two other Leaders...Jeremy1785 and Patrick the Great, who have been driving forces from the early days.
Additionally, Patrick has set up our sister (Holidays) Guild called Sanctuary Vassal and it too is doing amazingly well.

We are looking for new and experienced GE players below Arctic Future and above Late Middle Age to join our ranks and help our continued success. Also looking for active GBG Fighters to assist in the Battlegrounds.

If interested, send me a message for more details of our Guild requirements...

Margarette Maddison
Happy gaming