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Refresh the page. Sometimes if the computer screen blanks out nothing will collect until you refresh

Also contact support through settings in your game
I believe I quite clearly said 2 Doubloons. Which means, I received all the 1 Doubloon rewards without problems. I also stated quite clearly that I did not receive the 12 Doubloons for Quest 30. Which, would infer, that I had received the previous rewards without problems. And, I believe that you could infer that since I had received these rewards, I did so INSTANTANEOUS and without REFRESH.
Pleeze read and understand before you reply, Thank you.
So, again I ask - am I the only one who experienced this?


Perhaps I was not clear enough . . . the non collected Doubloons happened on worlds A--O. Each one.
I am NOT that stupid.
. . . mk


O.K. let's sweeten the pot.
Apparently, on Server BETA, there was an issue of (can you believe this??) the 2 Doubloons quests not being properly rewarded.
Is this yet ANOTHER instance of Inno letting known bugs hit the live servers?
Where the hell are our so-called Mods?? Thought you guys passed this stuff up the food chain.
In fact, why don't you guys watch BETA, so you know what is coming down the road??? Too much trouble?? Then get the hell out.
Very little time left b/4 your Forgers are screwed yet again.


I know what you said about receiving previous rewards. I also know sometimes the server stops registering things properly every so often and needs to refresh the page which is why I suggested refreshing

Beyond that you either need to post in the bugs section of the forum, or contact support directly so they can alter your doubloon count to match what it should be