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Suggestion: Remove possibility of duplicate resources in any given age


I'd like to discuss a situation I've found myself in during the Early Middle Age. I've discovered that two different provinces have the same rare resource - honey in this case. So instead of having two rares that I can produce at a high rate during the EMA, I have a whole lot of just one. This puts me at a severe disadvantage in this age for a couple of reasons:

1) I'm more advanced than the majority of my opponents. There won't be many (if any) people available to trade this resource for quite a while. So when it comes time to gather all the additional EMA resources, I'll need to either trade at a horrible rate with the NPC, start producing these items myself at a super slow rate, or simply twiddle my thumbs for a few weeks while everyone catches up to trade them with me. All bad options.

2) Even when other players eventually do catch up, I will be at the whim of other players to decide to trade with me. And given that I'm having a terrible time trying to trade for Wine in the Bronze Age, I don't see my luck improving later in the game when even less people are around to trade.

3) Trading costs forge points. So if I somehow manage to find enough people to trade ALL my honey with, one of us is going to spend forge points. And as I've found so far in my trading, that person typically tends to be me. People don't like to spend much of their own items in trading. More trading = more forge points wasted outside of research. This is bad.

So ultimately, this all adds up to the fact that I'm at an undeniable disadvantage to anyone with two unique rare resources in this same age. While they can produce 2 different resources and leverage them on the open market (as well as use them for research and negotiations), I'm stuck with just a single resource that I have to try to trade doubly hard. There's no doubt that this will prove to be a tough task.

I would highly recommend changing things so that every person is guaranteed two distinct resources in any given age. Saddling someone with the same resource simply puts them at an unfair disadvantage and without a doubt upsets the game balance.


Add to that removing the forge point cost for trading. It's like they're trying to discourage trade and at the same time force you into it...I wouldn't mind a small gold cost to the trade, maybe increasing with the age you're in, but forge points are necessary for research which is the main way to advance.


2 areas with honey? I'd rather have double production than double the stash of honey.


My personal solution to this problem would be (and I think they are slowly aiming for something like that) to "merge" continents into one world and open trading on the whole world. Interaction between players will be improved so, this might be already in their plan.

Doubling (honey in this case) production wouldn't be a good solution since 1. he could still not trade, 2. it makes the game more imbalanced if you ask me unless you'd need 2 honey buildings to produce the extra bonus honey, 3. Would still not please anyone and would sometimes encourages too much centralised production.


Update - Things aren't looking good.

Just wanted to update this thread now that it's been a couple weeks. Just as I predicted, I'm totally bogged down with my research efforts in the EMA. I have plenty of Honey, but none of the Copper, Granite, Alabaster, or Gold that I'm starting to need for all my tech research. And there isn't a single person in my neighborhood trading any of these.

I'll be researching Aqueducts in the coming days, which requires 14 Alabaster to complete. So I'm trying to decide if I want to trade with the NPC merchant at a 10:1 ratio for Honey, or if I want to spring the 10k Supplies it costs to build an Alabaster Mason and slowly make 14 Alabaster at a slightly improved cost. The cost is insane. Simple math shows that if I trade for Honey at a 10:1 ratio, I'll be paying 800 Coin, 800 Supplies, and 1 Forge Point per Alabaster. If I built the Alabaster Mason, the cost per Alabaster drops some, but it takes much longer to produce at 2 per 8 hours. And it's still ridiculously expensive compared to having the actual refined resource on the map. Considering that I'm faced with similar decisions for 3 other resources, I'm in a tough spot right now.

My situation would be vastly improved if I had been blessed with two unique resources for the EMA (in other words, if I hadn't been unlucky enough to get the same resource twice). For my above example of Alabaster, it will cost me 11200 Coin, 11200 Supply just to trade for 14 at a 10:1 ratio. If I build the Alabaster Mason and produce at the 2 per 8 hour rate, it will cost me 11600 Coin, 15900 Supply to produce the building and then the requisite 14 supplies. But if I were to produce the Alabaster with the backing of the rare resource on the map, it would cost a mere 7120 Coin, 11420 Supply. Not to mention the vast time saving involved with producing the resource at 10 per 8 hours as opposed to a max of 2 per 8 hours. And real the kicker is that I'll eventually need approx 100 more Alabaster to get through the later stages. These cost differences will only be magnified as I try to obtain more of this resource.

So again back to my original point in this thread. Everyone will be faced with tough decisions like this. We will alll need to round up some resources that we don't have readily available to us. However, the vast majority of players will only have to sort this out for 3 resources in any given age. But some unlucky players, such as myself, have been saddled with 2 of the same resources and as a result have to scrap and claw to produce 4 resources in the same age. And this puts us at a HUGE disadvantage. The cost and time penalties incurred due to simply being unlucky are crazy.

Why allow this to happen? Please fix this massive game imbalance as soon as possible. Give everyone two unique resources per age!


This should be a bug... it should not happen unless it gave you some sort of bonus like 20 honey every 4 hours or something rediculous like that so you could hold a thumping majority....


There should not be double goods for a player, it is already hard enough to get all you need as you reach later ages, giving twice the same good to a player, like for Wima is simply killing them.

Somebody answer this man!!!

Will we ever see devs in the forum or will it always be mods who decides who`s heard and who gets an answer? Not that I doubt them but hearing from someone from the game is always nice once in a while.

The Curmudgeon

Will we ever see devs in the forum or will it always be mods who decides who`s heard and who gets an answer? Not that I doubt them but hearing from someone from the game is always nice once in a while.
Hopefully the developers are working overtime to salvage the mess they've made of things.

The attrition rate is way too high, and the problems that players are pointing out are the reason. These problems need to be fixed as soon as possible.

It looks like limiting activity to local groups of 80 players was one of the primary mistakes. With the high attrition rate that cut the trading activity way down, which led to even more people leaving.


The cost is insane. Simple math shows that if I trade for Honey at a 10:1 ratio, I'll be paying 800 Coin, 800 Supplies, and 1 Forge Point per Alabaster.
Just nitpicking but trading with the ingame merchants doesnt cost forge points.


I still vote that a forge point should allow you more than one trade - you have a choice then to make. say for instance 1 forge point allows 5 trades. You can then select what you would like to trade for and not going via the rather extortionate AI market place. This creates a greater platform between online players to trade. ATM in my continent we have trades eg 1wine for 1 lumbeer at 1 trade point - there is no value there for me. If the player had put 10 for 10 then maybe I would sacrifice my forge point but that is not the case. This game will ultimately live or fail on the interactivity between players. The trading /bartering is a big featiure of that and so far it needs refining.


Just nitpicking but trading with the ingame merchants doesnt cost forge points.
Wow... I had no clue. Thanks for pointing this out! Would still rather trade with humans or produce them better on my own, but it does certainly help to know that I won't waste forge points trading with the NPC.


They really trying to make this game to last a long time and what they are really making is the players to leave the game if they don't want to spend diamonds.

Is a free game, but if you want to advance you need to spend $$$. Sadly if you are the only one spending the $$$ then you will be the only one playing in your continent. Making you to spend more $$$ to see what is the end game or just quit then feel sad for spending $$$ on something that really wasted your time and give you just a small personal gratification.

I only been playing for 2 days and I could suggest said that over 50% quit already. Players #58 to 80 are in Zero points for the past day.

But reading all this posts on the forum is making me to plan to get the goods that i need in the future. It may the me 2 goods per 8hrs but eventually I will have them.
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