Stuck on the Winter Event 2015



Hello I am stuck on this Winter Event.
It is Jan 1st and I am still stuck on the Dec 23rd quest.
This happened on the other big event this year as well.
I have had to watch as opportunities and points slipped by.
When these events are created does FOE take into account that players can get stuck doing these quests?
I had to desperately gather the resources needed to first conquer a province before I could scout a new province.
This cost me precious Event playing time.
Time that I have NOT been able to play the Winter Event.
I don't feel this is fair.
There needs to be a way to move forward; like in the previous event. After 24 hrs the next quests becomes available.


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Scouting has caused consternation among a few players, and often does (I failed to complete the memorial quest because of it, for example, so no Spreaker's corner or portrait of Anwar); though this time the quests have been available ahead of time in the wikia and in other places such as the forums.

I don't think they will ever consider things like this serious enough to change their quest line-up though, since scouting is often a staple part of it.


The Winter Event is almost over now and I haven't heard from any Mods, Admins or Game Representatives.
Does this show that they don't care?


There is nothing for us to get back to you, we understand your opinion and from Rowan's post you can see you're not the only one with it. As with all other feedback it will be passed along for the event.

It is not possible for anyone here to make adjustments to existing content though.