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Strategy for negotiating at guild expeditions


awesome you found a strategy to solve it with 2 or 3 different things

btw you can never lose with 2 or 3 things if you follow one simple rule:
don't offer the same thing to the same person again :lol:

how about a video with successfully solving it when you must choose between 7 things
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Yes, that's where the difficulty is.
With seven options, you need to play smart AND be lucky.
Would be good to have an optimal strategy, which makes the best use of the 'incorrect' result, which grays it out for the next round, and gives a better chance of solving it.
Any input from experts in the old 'master mind' board game is most helpful.


As I see it, the negotiation option is for when your available troops or fighting skills no longer are able to beat the opponents defenses. In that case, you don't mind spending your tries on your luck because you'd most probably have lost them in battle anyway.


I've been able to get through levels 1 and 2 with negotiations alone and not having to spend any diamonds or medals.
congrats: the easy 33% have been done :lol:
now do the rest :P

and for all who now think: wtf. why are level 1 and together only 33%?
look at the contribution points and you will see that level 3 gives twice the points than level 1 & 2 together :lol:


was able to do level 3 by negotiations but cost heaps of goods and medals. Have decided to revert back to the more orthodox strategy of fighting until you can't win then switch to negotiations.


why would you need to use 3 attempst for a simple one like this with only 4 options, just use 1 of each good 2 coins and 1 supplies, then atleast you know wich ones you need to use as you see incorrect, correct and wrong person, wich means you use less of your rescourses.
the way it's done in this video is a bit dumb


I try to make sure that by round 2 all things available have been tested once...
Then round 3 is tricky..use the information from the first 2 to get it right...mostly if you are dealing with 6 or 7 you can finish in round 3..if you have to take care of more...then you might need a extra round..

The problem is figuring out too many in the first round makes you lose the whole thing in the end