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New Bug: Statue of Honor/RTV Bug


Android version 1.207.16

I added one additional section of road to victory to the Statue on the top left yesterday which reset the timer for it. (Normal behaviour) but completely out of sync with my collections.

I planned to reset it later today so it was in sync with all the others but on logging in today the entire row of 4 statues and RTV had their timer reset when I've added that one RTV so its registered some unknown connection between them all.

I used collect all for my collection yesterday so didnt notice it had happened when my usual collection time was.

I didn't do anything yesterday apart from delete a gate behind my TH and delete two roads down the side of the gate that connected the bottom left SOH, drag that SOH down and attach another RTV to the bottom of the top left one. Didn't move or disconnect anything else. Didn't use reconstruction mode.

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If this bug is what I think it is, it's a bug that effects all sets / chains in the manner you described (on a per set / chain basis)


unless an existing piece is moved, timer don't reset. if at all you want to move a set, do in reconstruction mode and put all pieces in exact same order, then timer don't reset


i just noticed, that after 20min i had collected my city (i collect using the 5 diamonds) 1 of my Statues was uncollected..
didn't used any RoV's etc for sure.
im 99% sure that it wasn't me, seems something went wrong, just posting here to add +1 if there are more reports..


new issue,

i have 3 Statues in my city - 1 of them, with a couple roads of victory.

yesterday it somehow postponed it's collection by 20 min but today, when it should say "20min to collect" it says 11h8m.

fix pls

Ikee Locc

For the last 2-3 collections, all of my chained building (Statue of Honor, Winter Train, Terracotta Vineyard and Hippodrome) productions keep restarting (I haven;t added or removed any parts).




My vineyard is suddenly 12 hours behind the rest of my city.
Hush now... but I believe it gave me 2 x yield within 12 hours.



didn't noticed any other "reset" after my last post here, i hope it works ok now..