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Do Not Suggest: Statistics/Logging GBG

Wo is in favor of this ?

  • Yes

    Votes: 2 33.3%
  • No

    Votes: 3 50.0%
  • Maybe

    Votes: 1 16.7%

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Currently within the Guild Battel Grounds there are limited possibilities to see who has done what and when. This information is important for management of the Guild


To prevent that resources are consumed by Rogue players, guidelines that are broken when placing Ignore tags. To manage the guild in a proper way to maximize progress and increase moral within the guild.

There will be a button on the Sector details page which will show the information of the action taken by Guild members on that sector. It will not show information of members of other guilds to prevent that people target people directly outside of the guild. Also there is no added value in that kind of information.

The information that would be visible on the screen after opening the logs would be :

Time Name Sector Battle Action
20210207 - 14:00:00 Player 1 C1N 151/160 Battle
20210207 - 14:01:04 Player 2 C1N 152/160 Negotiate
20210207 - 14:05:44 Player 4 C1N - Placed Outpost
20210207 - 14:07:35 Player 3 C1N - Placed Tag - Ingore
20210207 - 15:44:52 Player 3 C1N - Placed Tag - Focus

The other log of Guild Battle Grounds is then most likely not needed anymore.

Visual Aids:
A Log button on the sector details windows besides Attack | Negotiation | Building | Logs


No extra adjustments to teh game just filtering the correct information out of the backend logs of FoE

Abuse Prevention:
This is preventing also Rogue players and Spies of other Guild that infiltrated the Guild to abuse the resources and cause mayhem within the Guild. By that decreasing moral and removes the joy that people have in the game and working as a team

sorry for you but this looks like an on-line indicator wich was refused so you'll probably get refused your idea on-line indicator was on DNSL
but i do get why ppl would like such a thing


Is there a valid reason given why this information will not be disclosed to at least the Guild members/admin.

Also people spend money on the game and when it then get sabotaged over and over again you want to know who the bad apple is