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Event St. Patrick's Event Feedback


Why is this event closing tonight and not next week when St Patrick's Day is celebrated in the US?


Why is this event closing tonight and not next week when St Patrick's Day is celebrated in the US?
Because inno games is on a schedule and little things like actual date of holiday doesnt enter into it
Patron Saint of Ireland. What's the US got to do with it?
St Patrick day is celebrated on the same day in US as it is is Ireland
Are you suggesting Americans of Irish descent or who have immigrated to US no longer have the right to celebrate
Are you suggesting Americans of Irish descent or who have immigrated to US no longer have the right to celebrate
Not at all, anyone is free to celebrate what they want when and where they want but it is an Irish holiday not an American one so the sentence doesn't make sense although I'm sure even the yanks manage to get the right day


All the top politicians in Ireland go to America to celebrate St Patricks Day rather than staying & celebrating it in Ireland
Enemy troops are HMA, while I can only use EMA.

Anything else?
Shouldn't be a problem if your attack GBs are good enough especially just after reset with zero attrition.

Apart from Hood, GE, GvG and GbG you are out of options - GvG is probably the easiest as you can use the EMA map but will need the right permissions to set a seige

The Lady Ann

Master Corporal
This has been the worst event in over 6 years of playing this game, 1 task short for the last piece in 2 of my 4 worlds a blatant money grab, well no and to be honest maybe NO every time from now on too

Thomas Covenent

In my main city, despite getting RNG-screwed *hard* on the incidents, and thus picking up only about 900 extra pots between the e-mail freebies + incidents, I still managed to clear out 10 cities, 15 grand prizes, and end up with 7 selection kits for a total of a near-complete Lv2 set -1 building that will stay stuck @Lv1. :)

Now if everyone will please excuses me, I must 'get my Irish on' and lament the loss of the NHL hockey season and the (likely long) delay of the impending MLB season due to everyone freaking out over what is mostly just a new mild flu-like virus. :( :( :(
(granted my poor Habs ain't going anywhere near the play-offs this year, but we were well on pace to set a franchise record for most man-games lost due to injury in a single season!)


Goodbye St. Patrics day Event and fantazillions of Shamrocks.
Even I did somwhat like the kind of almost mechanical "interactions" between the buildings it became pretty repetitive towards the end.
It was the first event in some time where getting the full level 2 set was not nessesarily set in stone, which perhaps is good or bad idk... Good because not all events was ever to be finished in one season/event and we got a bit spoiled over a period, Bad because it perhaps was very unclear.
I do not know what to think about this event really, I made mistakes in the very beginning and did not recover from those - I did not get a full level 2 set in any of my two cities. Its okay I do not really have the space for the set and often so with sets, they are more demanding to place than most one part buildings.
I do like that Inno is trying to develop different concepts for the Events and not all can be equally good.
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I enjoyed the event, would like access to the rate data to optimise the production and shamrock conversion better


love to have more type of these events that rewards effort and not just blind luck , got the full level 2 set 4 days before event finished and without spending diamonds.
if those complaining about the event only did 5 minutes of research before they confusingly went head on into it would have found the st patricks day event easy and rewarding
I agree with you. I have only been playing FOE for just over a year but that was easily the most interesting mini game in an event. The quests are the boring part and the game provided the entertainment and gave rewards according to how well you played it. Like you I finished early, got the Level 2 set and used it to replace a Terrace Farm. Still had enough Gold Pots to complete another 25 tasks and open another set of chests. No diamonds spent.

More events like that please rather than picking one out of three players to kick a ball in a net.