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Spoiler St. Patrick's Day 2021

Thomas Covenent

St. Paddy's Day event beginning on beta...

Event format is same as last year's.

Main 'grand prize' = Druid Temple (5x4 size, maxes @Lv10)
28% defense for Attacking army! O.O
20 random goods
+1 random production varries between;
- 25 forge points (40%)
- 25 goods (40%)
- medals (15%)
- supplies (5%)

...honestly, the only blemish I see on this new building is the 5% odds at worthless supplies. (ickky!)
Now if the devs were to make that say 5% odds at a random units or two, or 5% odds at 25 dias, then this thing would instantly be S-tier levels of amazaballs!
Overall though, definitely a worthwhile prize & leagues beyond the sorry sacks of pure suckage from both the Winter/Xmas event + Forge Bowl main prizes.

Another new change this year, is apparently completing each task will net a smaller 'sub prize'?
Some beta players are reporting that completing a task will give things like a Champion unit and such...
Looks interesting - if going to use it, definitely need it maxed so do not get the higher chances of winning supplies or coins!
But the 25FP - I wonder if they would actually let that go through, or reduce it down to a more manageable 10-15 - 25 just seems to be overboard at this point in time.

Any Empire

Completing each task dies give a random reward: units, supplies, coins so far. Maybe because it is the 2nd time around, but the game-play also does seem a bit better. Not sure if the order of the tasks has been revised, that could be making it less frustrating.
No such thing as a druid sacrifice, as druids do not sacrifice. Offerings are usually just plant based, such as berries or herbs. A true druid (as opposed to those falsely labeled as druids) honor the powers of nature and respect the natural world. They do not kill, except in the rare instance of an animal found suffering (like a broken leg) and do not believe they can help heal the animal, and then, it is a mercy death, not a sacrificial death.


But the 25FP - I wonder if they would actually let that go through, or reduce it down to a more manageable 10-15 - 25 just seems to be overboard at this point in time.
You forgot to multiply that 25FP by the 40% chance of it occuring. The average yield for the druid temple would be 25x.4 = 10 FP, for a 20 square structure, right in line with the current .5fp per square Inno seems to be going with in a lot of buildings.


Lieutenant Colonel
The St Patrick's Day event has to be the most mind-numbing, tedious, boring event ever. I did a couple of days of it last year and I just couldn't stand it. It's not difficult and probably easy to complete, but it is overly complex and it seems you can spend ages micromanaging everything without really knowing what effect you're having. Even though many of us have plenty of time on our hands this year, I just don't think I can bring myself to do this one. It's a shame that Inno once again has ignored the mostly negative feedback from last year, but they're stubborn like that.

Lord Grok

Master Corporal
I think a lot of us realised too late last year that the offer to get the extra prize after every town was actually a good deal as it meant you only needed to complete half as many towns, so you had plenty of time to do all tasks each time with fewer upgrades. I think less is more with this event and that if we played it smarter it wouldn’t be the burden people complained about. That’s my memory of it anyway.

Thomas Covenent

Honestly, don't get why some have the gak all over this event, as it's very, very simple to choose;
1. If you hate the micro managing & game play style, then it's easy to sit back and complete just 4-5 towns while buying all the prize boxes at the end of each festival.

2. If you really enjoy the micro managing aspect, and enjoy challenging ones self to see just how many festivals you can turn 'n burn, then you can chain yourself to your game and aim for 10-11+ festivals & only buy the prize boxes at the end of the final city run.

So pick your lane, and go with it.
At least there's a clear choice of paths to take to play the event here, unlike every other event... so if for example, you hate the "use wiki chart - pick only options A/B/C whenever possible" like in the Spring/Sports events, then you're screwed.
...or if the tomb/haunted library/carnival tent drives you up the wall, then you're screwed hardcore on the Archy + Halloween events. :P

At least St.Paddy's gives a choice.

Thomas Covenent

You don't NEED diamonds if you play it smart. :rolleyes:
1. DON'T over spend on manager upgrades.
2. DON'T buy additional sets of chests after completing a city.

BTW, the 'mystery box' we get from the current forge bowl event contains (on the beta version) an upgrade kit for the Druid Temple, plus we get 2 more from the event milestones... that leaves only 6 upgrades, which can be had via 13 grand prizes (325 tasks completed) + buy 1 set full set of chest after completing a town (1900 pots of gold)

We will get iirc, 11200 pots of gold from just quest lines + daily log-ins + the base starting amount.
Then you'll have the bonus pots from the event e-mail & whatever else turns up from daily Incidents in and around your city.


i've also heard from my guildmates that NEVER open the event surprise box(from forge bowl 2021) before you get a drug temple from the main quest. Or else you get another drug temple than drug temple upgrade kit-which would make it harder to get drug temple to max level without spending diamonds