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Event Spring Event 2018


I see. No GE til next week. Well, I'm heading for Iron age military units now. That prompts another question. When you mix troops from different ages Do the points go toward the tower tournament of the later age?

Thanks again.
Yes, they do.


I have 8 worlds. Out of those three have gotten only 1 upgrade each. I won't spend real money on an 18 percent chance of getting one so its the hard way for me. Last year all my then six cities were able to obtain all the pieces but this year they made it way harder to get. My 2 newer cities won't get it the basic set this year so its the daily challenge for the basic set or something else for that land.
Since its gearing down to the last few quests for me. I'm pretty much going to call it a day at this point since I don't want to move on the map. I'll try the summer but if its like this one, I won't bother going to far. I've spent a small amount of money in the past to get pieces like some of the palace where I had a chance but not on this just for that small percentage.
I'd rather buy an ATV. ;)
On a happy note. My partner, so far has gotten all but one piece in this event, lucky man so I'll be rooting for him.

Blitz Epidemic

Warrant Officer
I'm at 50/62 and the events have switched to 1 every 24 hrs now...What a joke.

Btw i've only picked one chest, on each of my two worlds so far, and I got one of the kits.
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it means:
you have to wait for the next day to get the next quest
Oh, okay, I understand now. It's about the quests.

They technically have not switched, though. From the beginning it was announced that we'd get the first 40 quests straight away and the remaining 22 would be unlocked one every day.


Yep, the event is a frikking lottery, and even if spending your lanterns wisely you are not guaranteed to win, even if a single frikking upgrade. I am on the brighter side this event, winning a gong for both worlds (two in first in fact) and two other upgrades in each world as well, but not close enough to getting at least a full set upgrade. The problem here is that you only need to spend lanterns on 20-flower chest (60 or 65 lanterns apiece), the other chests are worse by all means. And, given the total amount of lanterns acquireable, you will NOT get the second grand prize without spending diamonds, and at a price of 12.5d per flower at best (not counting sales) the price to reach the second grand prize, which is by the way a MERE reno kit that you can get elsewhere, albeit at a chance, reaches a thousand dimonds. Getting the third prize is plain impossible without paying.

Now, on the credit side. The quests so far (43) required me to do 10 sectors, 2 techs (with alt prices tho), 1 new and 1 old province, a ton of goods and ~20 bought FPs (lost count). As a consequence, even with careful planning I would have to use 2 full provinces (3 in Iron, as there are some with less than 5 sectors) solely on event quests. For me, this price is too heavy compared to what benefits you can receive from the event rewards, with just a little below average luck, that happens way too often here, especially if counting dropped DCs due to the need to conserve opened provinces.


All people do here is complain about somethingg they get for free. Look at the bright side. YOU DO NOT NEED A COMPLETE SET FOR IT TO WORK!!!!


Yep, that's why I strived for sakura rock and gongs first and foremost in main world, because I've got the other parts with DCs. Still, giving attractions tht would "never" be available is sort of unfair.


Sadly, not one single upgrade on any of the event buildings has been won so far. 43 quests completed, and I give up. All I wanted was one specific upgrade, so have saved all lanterns for focussing on just that. Dozens of attempts at odds ranging from 12% to 20% and never won. Useless. These 'random' events are pretty bad at giving out. 20% = 1/5, not 0/20.


I've spent no diamonds and got zero upgrades by opening chests so far, even picking the highest percentage each time - I have my Level 1 Cherry Garden in store from last year, but it doesn't look as if I'm going to be getting it out...
Still no Cherry Garden pieces after another ten days... I'm starting to hope I don't get any now, as it will make it a no-brainer to ignore the entire set. Otherwise I get a dilemma :P


Why Emperor´s Entrance appears so offen as Daily Special?
April 12th: Gong of Wisdom
April 13th: Emperor´s Entrance
April 14th: Zen Zone
April 15th: Sakura Rock
April 16th: Emperor´s Entrance

Besides, we´ve got Emperor´s Entrance as reward on 7th quest, so all of us have it.

Please, give us the opportunity of getting some necessary part of the kit.

Phil McCracken66

To think this is what replaced the easter event, collecting eggs and saving up to pretty well get what you wanted, could almost get a complete set of Obs prints...in fact I did when I 1st started.
This is by far the worst event ever, similar to the daily where you only seem to ever get the bottom of the barrel.
Happens in every world I play and almost everyone I know is the same, why in the world would anyone buy diamonds to get 1 rogue, a motivation kit or 2 fp's.


This is not a good event to participate in. There is far too much fighting required to earn lanterns giving very low odds. A very high cost for minimal rewards. And now I'm stuck because I have to wait for GE to start again.
On the plus side, it is really great that the upgrades use the same footprint as the originals.

Sadly it seems that the design team have run out of creativity when it comes to the quests. Quite boring and not worth the cost.