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Event Spring Event 2018

Zanzi the just 55

Master Corporal
Kind of hard to play if don't get any lanterns...1 in last 24 hrs. Was a surplus in first couple of days, now nothing. Just dries up like other years. Gives a lot to get adrenalin going then stops. No second tier bonuses won and I have full set. just junk.
Seem to have been quite lucky this time. Pond upgrade took best part of 20 quest worth of lanterns to win after that every other one was within 1-3 attempts. Ended up with full upgrade the SOK and don't need to play the last 20 quests as there is only junk or items with practically zero chance of winning so might as well quit whilst ahead. No point throwing 100's of goods to get more motivation kits or single troops.


Kind of hard to play if don't get any lanterns...1 in last 24 hrs. Was a surplus in first couple of days, now nothing. Just dries up like other years. Gives a lot to get adrenalin going then stops. No second tier bonuses won and I have full set. just junk.
You get lanterns from opening chests and completing missions. If you stop doing that you will get less lanters. It is as simple as that.


I've spent no diamonds and got zero upgrades by opening chests so far, even picking the highest percentage each time - I have my Level 1 Cherry Garden in store from last year, but it doesn't look as if I'm going to be getting it out...


So far, the event is a waste of time, effort, resources and goods. And most likely it will remain that way. Another fail.
Rewards should be given according to achievements in the event. Not by a stupid chance. Very frustrating.


Is the daily special just upgrades btw ?

Someone mentioned they nerfed WW recently, anyone got a link to what they did ?Cheerts


I quit the event when I got to Quest 12 which required me to pay 57,000 coins for 10 lanterns which would give me 15% of the required lanterns to get a 5-30% chance to be rewarded with something I didn't need!
It seems like the 'Fun Police' have taken over in INNO.
Back to the core game......at least I can control most of the outcomes.


I don't like this format one little bit...a 20% (best chance) of the reward can too easily lead to uncomfortably long losing runs.

And that's not fun at all....

and the rewards if you don't win... are terrible, just terrible.
I 100% agree with the sentiment - but those uncomfortably long losing runs have one of two effects - generally those who will never pay real money still won't, but those who are less committed to staying F2P get frustrated and pay out, spurred on the sunk cost fallacy and a certainty that they 'must win soon'. The carnival event was more manipulative in that way because you could win your stake back as well as 'what you deserved to win'.

And yes, the non-cherry garden set rewards are pants.

A simple solution: with every chest you open, your chance to get the top prize gets better. By the time you've opened 5, it is 100%.
I like systems like that a great deal, as you can get lucky and can't get mugged too badly - unfortunately, I think that would reduce Inno's income.

Zanzi the just 55

Master Corporal
You get lanterns from opening chests and completing missions. If you stop doing that you will get less lanters. It is as simple as that.
To open chests you need lanterns. don't get enough from finishing quests and not a great amount from around my city each day so...Catch22! Was able to get just one upgrade for my full garden set after numerous tries so Shaw's right. Luck of draw and I'm very unlucky. Just don't need all other junk I get instead!! Sounds like most people are unlucky too. Probably better to just play the game. At least you can control what you do and what you can gain!!!


I had to register here just to be able to comment, since something was bugging me in this thread.

Yes, we all had the dreaded Carnival Event with stacked reliance on luck (luck to obtain tickets, luck while spending them), which could result in very binary results, often to catastrophic effect.

However, the amount of complains for this event seem completely disproportionate to the actual odds, and outright unfair.

If not, let's see:

You may obtain by the end of the quest around 1350 Lanterns (Initial 40, plus 175 from specific checkpoints, plus 820 for the 62 quests, plus 10 daily, plus around 5/daily, average from trees). Probably actually more than this, with the bonus from the newsletter, and I may have rounded down the average daily lantern from trees.

If you use only the Gold Chest, you have a 20% chance for a 60 Lantern cost. That means, ON AVERAGE [I can't stress this enough, some people in my guild have gotten 5 pieces from 9 tries, so yes, some of you will be unlucky, but some will be terribly happy], you can try for 22,5 times, so 20% of that is 4,5 pieces. Let's be pessimistic and round it down to 4.

That means, on average, this event will give you 6 pieces (2 are guaranteed, 4 you get from chests). I don't know about you guys, but the chance to obtain that is just very nice to me. Moreover, you are also guaranteed a SoK, probably a Reno Kit as well.

Now, some of you might say "well, last year was better". I wasn't here for last year, but riddle me this: did you have Daily Challenges last year? Inno created DC, which is to me one of the largest sources of set pieces, FP and special units, without a drawback. From DC, I already had 3 cherry pieces, which made the spring event even easier. If you complain that the event should be independent of the DC, I strongly disagree. This quest and DC complement each other, and you should consider that in your playing experience. If you don't fully take advantage of DC, then honestly, that is just your fault, since I can almost effortlessly complete 95% of them.

I'm guessing that luckily, most players are happy with the event, with only a small but vocal minority filling the forum, but you guys must step back and look at the bigger picture, and realise that for the most part, Inno hit a sweep spot on this one. Yes, if you want to get a full LvL 2 from scratch you will most likely spend diamonds, but most of us will be able to get our set, more so if we were able to get just 1 piece from DC.

Personally, I already have the full Set with 1 upgrade, and a lot more quests to go, and It took me 10 (yes, 10) tries to get the Gong of Wisdom upgrade, which translate to half of the 20% in the Gold Chest Rewards - such is probability.

Finally, 2 notes for people that are likely about to furiously reply to me with how many flaws my post has (probably many, I am sure):

1 - Yes, I do agree that the alternatives to the set in the chests are horrendous, and that, more than anything else, should be tweaked, and imho is the only valid reason to hate on the event. To me, I had my eyes on the prize, so I barely registered what else was being won, but yes, most of the rewards are quite lame.

2 - If you dislike % based events, obviously you won't ever like any of these events. Personally, I dislike % events, but when the odds are actually ok and you can have a strategy, it does not bother me as much (prime example of that was the Bowl Event, where you could obtain the Pillar very easily if you chose the right booster).


Stuck on quest 29

Am I doing something wrong? I can't even start this quest.
"Solve 5 encounters in the Guild Expeditions OR Win 7 battles"

I am at the end of the bronze age and running out of sectors I can win by fighting iron age troops. And it will take forever to upgrade my army.
I am in a guild, but the Guild expedition button is not active. Do I need to make it to Iron age first?

Thanks for helping.


I see. No GE til next week. Well, I'm heading for Iron age military units now. That prompts another question. When you mix troops from different ages Do the points go toward the tower tournament of the later age?

Thanks again.