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Event Spring Event 2018


If you receive an upgrade for a building that is only in your inventory, not built in your city, what happens?


Chief Warrant Officer
so wishing wells are 3rd chest. meaning noone will get ww unless you spend diamonds, because you will need 2300+ lanterns to open 3 chests. so there is no point doing the event on diamond worlds. can someone confirm average and max amount you can gather if you played the event on beta properly?


Like you Addo i was planning to grab the ww for the diamond farms but IG have blocked that, playing properly on beta i may just reach the 2nd grand prize but theres no chance of making the 3rd without using diamonds and that just doesn't make sense


Chief Warrant Officer
well i thought so, but had to check because that makes no sense. noone with a bit sanity will spend diamonds on something that is supposed to give diamonds... whats the point? another thing inno doing to not give wws to players anymore, besides the unannounced nerf so even the wws we have give less diamonds now, and just another way to trick new players to spend diamonds and money thinking how great is to have a wishing well.
i wonder if anyone in inno have ever thought that you wont make money if the players are not happy. thats not honest making money, its like street thieves taking people wallets on the street


I wouldn't go as far as calling them thieves they're more like dairy farmers


Chief Warrant Officer
their income is now based only on making new players to spend money on something woprthless when they start, and then just waiting for them to quit the game once they learn it was a waste. how would you call that? they dont care at all for the people who played long, but yes i know, its because they dont spend money, even they used to spend in the past. but whos fault is that, the players that got smarter and learnt from their mistakes, or innos fault for chasing them away from the game by telling them they dont want people to stick around long


View attachment 14989

I am not writing about the contents but the picture is so irritating.


I hope you do enough research into culture
Do not dress people as dead. We feel very uncomfortable to see it.
There are other flaws if its really our ladies, but refrain from commenting on them.

I must admit that this particular artwork appears like the main illustrator at Inno had too much work and this job was given to someone with far less experience – Heads are weirdly too large and it all feels a bit insecure – It even has become the load screen. But okay I prefer a great design on the buildings, but still this artwork is under par.


Is the Emperors Entrance reward for 7 quests just a lvl1 version or the multi-choice kit ???


I’m now seriously considering leaving the game, the payouts are ridiculously poor....lowest payout 99% of the time, this latest event is set up on pure greed, they don’t understand that keeping the long term players happy....will get more money than fleecing the new players that turn up..play a few weeks...then realise this whole game is a con.......if inno looked at how much money the higher ranked long term players put into their games...they would realise it’s a lot more than the Johnny come lately fly by night players....I for one won’t be spending another penny on this game while they persist with this system of greed and quests rigged to low payout rate for decent items....


Chief Warrant Officer
this year the event is expencive for all players, including the new ones. for free , if lucky you get sok and one full set lvl 1. each next lvl 1 set will cost 8-14k diamonds (1600-2800 per piece). thats 100 euros...
last year 1 set with diamonds was 3-5k diamonds depending on luck, even tho i spent 5.5k per set (bad luck i guess)
so why this year they are almost 3 times more expencive than last year? the old platers wont spend money on this, especially because one set level 2 can cost about 200 euro for 7FP and 10% attack. but sure there will be some new players who will be fooled by the advertisements and spend money on it, Inno are very well aware that 99.9% of their customers DONT read the forums and they will find out they wasted their money when its too late


This it true, SoKs I have plenty of, FoY/WW I have about 30 in inventory...I don’t use them....sets for this event...I have three complete sets from last year...so all I am interested in is the upgrades.....already used 3990 Diamonds to buy lanterns trying to get them....only got one.....the rest was boost crates...champs and a store building....disgraceful % rate...so this event is now over on day one...and I fear it will be that way for quite a lot of players who are sick of the inno greed

Blitz Epidemic

Warrant Officer
What is so complicated about not having any 'Research' or Continental Map quest in a Event? We've been saying this for years now and you people still don't get it...How stupid can you be?

This event is nothing more than a grab for diamonds.

How about instead of using money to place stupid commercials on tv you hire someone to create better quests that won't upset most your active players.


Is the Emperors Entrance reward for 7 quests just a lvl1 version or the multi-choice kit ???
Just queried this with support after only getting the lvl 1 myself. They said the reward is just the lvl 1 not the version which offers each version, so rather than thinking you got 2 pieces for completing the whole thing towards the whole lvl 2 set it's just more junk to keep in the inventory in my opinion if you already got the full set. So even with the "reward" you still need to get all 5 pieces for lvl 2 from the event. Despite the wiki stating

"You can get those upgrade kits during the Spring Event Questline or through a selection kit, which can be won as a daily prize."

There are no upgrades on the questline apart from the two buildings.
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I wonder Blitz. How hard is it to realize that if you choose to side step the devs push to advance through the ages/eras and you choose to camp/farm at the end of an age/era you’re going to hit a wall in quests/events?

Not hard to understand at all.

For me.

At all.