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Event Spring Event 2018


Hey guys,

This thread is for discussing the upcoming Spring Event! Looking forward to reading your feedback :)

Check out the full details here.


Richard & Team


At least they retained their sizes but the nerf (relatively speaking) on Emperor's Entrance was bad. Even more, because 8k of Supplies (in Oceanic Future) is almost offensive, considering the daily costs and/or how much, much more you can make with one single workshop.


Overall this Japanese Garden set is beautiful design and it is really good that the layout and size has been maintained – It also have better combinations of which all look good – That is in comparison to example the Swedish Chrismas set 2017 – Which I found a bit erratic combination wise.

Perhaps the Pagoda could have benefitted from a upgrade option – it does not do close to anything for higher ranking players with the current stats.

Conceptwise and for city design I am all for these themebased sets – they look good when they sit togther, creating seperate sections in the city – It would be cool to have roads that would fit to the various main themes – Same stats (according to age) but with a look that fits each theme. Im am guessing it would not be difficult to implement in the road sections block of the (UI) and all the small icons for the different sets are already made to help identify them (not even that important when the roads have same stats. – Just a thought ;)

Mainly I am thinking about This Japanese Garden, The Palaces, The Royal garden line up
– Perhaps with a little teaser build in: To unlock this road you need a full set of the "Theme" in your city".

...Anyways Japanese Garden set is overall a cool set design
– And a Ninja :hide: Avatar that many will like I´m sure – a classic story character of Japan.


One thing I like even more is the in-place upgrade (provided it works).
Jesus Christ! Don't even think about don't have it working as expected. Getting the Pond was really difficult O_O

Thomas Covenent

Judging by the quest list up on the FoE wiki, looks like to get through the 'main' sequential quest list will require a total of 9!! sectors + 1 'gain control of a province' quest...

Considering that the only real rewards this year are the cherry garden items, that's a painful amount of non-optional continent map. :(


View attachment 14989

I am not writing about the contents but the picture is so irritating.


I hope you do enough research into culture
Do not dress people as dead. We feel very uncomfortable to see it.
There are other flaws if its really our ladies, but refrain from commenting on them.
It's a game! It's makebelieve!. Nothing on the historical questlines or the events is correct!


Sorry but I still don't get it. If I upgrade only 1 building from set will the other attached buildings retain their bonuses or does it only work with the set buildings of the same level?


I've won 3 upgrade prizes on beta. I'm up to date with the quests and collect cherry trees from the city. The chances of getting the full set/full upgrades seem very slim


The Spring Event tab has come out at the top left of the screen as usual indicating the starting amount of Lanterns.

Are we not supposed to receive the same starting amount of Lanterns in all the Worlds as in previous Events?

I have 14 Worlds and the discrepancy of the Lanterns between Worlds is great, below is a list of what I have.

EN 01 – 32 Lanterns
EN 02 – 34 Lanterns
EN 03 – 36 Lanterns
EN 04 – 9 Lanterns
EN 05 – 25 Lanterns
EN 06 – 30 Lanterns
EN 07 – 6 Lanterns
EN 08 – 10 Lanterns
EN 09 – 18 Lanterns
EN 10 – 39 Lanterns
EN 11 – 39 Lanterns
EN 12 – 20 Lanterns
EN 13 – 29 Lanterns
EN 14 – 32 Lanterns

Can someone please illuminate me with a sensible and reasonable explanation why the starting amount of Lanterns is different in all the Worlds?

Logging out and logging in again does not resolve the issue.


Same happened on beta. At the start of the event, everyone will have 50 lanterns.

Thomas Covenent

I've won 3 upgrade prizes on beta. I'm up to date with the quests and collect cherry trees from the city. The chances of getting the full set/full upgrades seem very slim
The big one to go after IMHO would the Sak Rock... doubling the atk% bonus is pretty damn sweet! ;)

After that, which ever ones get the fp boost obviously. (Gong + Zen Zone?)