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Spot the Difference!

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Aelin Wildfire

Can you find the 5 differences between these two images?

STD Aztecs.png

STD Aztecs - 1.png

Post your entry in reply to this thread. You can either upload an image that clearly shows your answers or describe the differences in a comment.

Entries close at 09:00 am GMT on November 30th 2020. After this time, two players with correct entries will be chosen at random to receive 500 diamonds each. The two lucky winners will be announced on the same day.

Any entry made after the close time will be removed. There is to be only one entry per player, any player who places more than one entry will be disqualified. Answers must be correct to be considered. The Community Management Team are the final arbitrators of the rules.


Master Corporal
1. Top-right corner, stone square on top, squiggly snake in bottom picture
2. Top left corner, top picture has an extra loop of vines hanging from the branch
3. Very top of pyramid, the side in the shadow, the shield is different
4. The guy's chin has blue decoration in the top picture and purple ihn the bottom
5. This one is really sneaky. On the left border, to the left of the hanging earring, the top picture has an extra leaf.


1) Emblem on top of pyramid is different
2) Vine hanging down from top left corner is missing
3) Colour of man's chin mark is different
4) Symbol in top right corner is different
5) Spiky leaf missing midway down left hand side


5 differences:
1. top right of image stone design is different,
2. immediately below that stone, top portion of leaf in second figure is hidden,
3. colour of man's goat beard is different (purple and blue),
4. top carving on aztec bldg is missing in second figure,
5. one of the small hanging branch in top left missing from second image


BigDaddy O

1. top left loop missing
2. top of pyramid has different symbol
3. middle left leaf is missing one leaf
4. chief's chin painting is different
5. top right different symbol


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the squiggle in the top right corner
the ing hanging down in the top left
the thing is gone on the top of the temple
the colour of the dot on the mans chin
and the colours were slightly duller in the second image

Aelin Wildfire

The entries have been checked and the winners are drawn.

Congratulations to potatoskunk and MilesTeg74! Your prizes of 500 diamonds each have been awarded.

The solution to the puzzle can be seen below;

STD Aztecs - answers.png

Congratulations again to our lucky winners, and don't forget to keep an eye out for upcoming competitions!
Not open for further replies.