Spot the Difference - Week 1 - December

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Spot the 5 differences between the 2 pictures and post your answers below

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1. Coloured bands on clothing have changed from orange at top to green at bottom
2. Highest crane is missing the chain and load


The two drivers clothes have changed colour, the crane and a hilltop went missing and something on the wooden beam moved slightly


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driver's tunic trim colour
driver's tunic colour
crane's load on hill removed
third small peak in mountains removed
shadow in crane structure removed
FQuest wk1 dec answers.jpg
1: The guys shirt
2: Other guys shirt
3: The crane in the background on the left side
4: The mountains on the left side one peak is missing
5: The shadow on the wooden structure is not there


Second Lieutenant
1) The color of the man in car (red -> green)
2) The color of the 2nd man (black? blue? -> red)
3) The structure on the left of the sun has no package on the 2nd screen

are there really 5 ?

bigdaddy o

this was tough. especially the last one.
crane missing
colour of tunic is green
colour of distant rider is red
mountain missing
shadow missing on wooden beam


1) on top man that is closest has red lines on his sweater and on bottom he has green lines on their thighs
2)on top man that is closest has red lines on his sweater and on bottom he has green lines on their arms
3)on top man that is closest has red lines on his sweater and on bottom he has green lines on their neck
4) on top man that is farthest away has a black sweater and the bottom one has a red sweater
5) on top the building that looks like it is getting constructed and is the farthest away has a crane thingy that is attached by a line and on the bottom picture it doesn't have that piece on it

1. Cris-cross pattern on the closest wagon rider is green in one picture and red in the other
2. Shirt color of the furthest wagon rider differs - one is maroon and the other is navy
3. Crane in the far right corner has a load in one picture and nothing in the other
4. Just to the right of the large wooden structure on the left is the horizon of the mountains - one picture has 3 small peaks (2 dark and 1 white) and the other only has two (1 dark, 1 white)
5. Support post on tower is missing

Archius IV

Different coloured decoration on left hand driver's tunic.
Blob of mountain missing to right of wooden frame in foreground. Damn this is a hard one.
Missing hanging rope and block on crane in right background.
Right hand cart driver different coloured tunic.

I give up on the last one, looking forward to seeing the answers.
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