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Spot The Difference -February 2020- Week 1

  • Thread starter DeletedUser110603
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My answers, thanks!

1 - Girl second from the left has different colours on the feathers on her head
2 - Guy in the middle is missing the painted line on his forehead
3 - Guy in the middle is missing a rectangle piece in his necklace
4 - Guy second from right is missing one feather on his head
5 - Rightmost girl has a different colour sash / shirt


Taking the five characters Left to Right: A,B,C,D,E
1) Feathers in headdress of character B are BLUE in upper picture and GREEN in lower picture
2) There is a white vertical mark between the eyebrows of character C in upper picture which is ABSENT in lower picture
3) There is a lozenge in the centre of the necklace on character C which has DECORATION in the upper picture but is UNDECORATED in the lower picture
4) Character D wears a headdress, where the rightmost feather in the upper picture is ABSENT in the lower picture
5) Character E has a triangular segment above her bow which is RED in the upper picture and BROWN in the lower picture
This took wayyyyy too long haha, but a huge shout out to the maker, the payoff was worth it! Super fun and challenging :)

The differences in the bottom picture:

1. Female to the left has green feathers instead of blue in her head dress
2. Chief (middle guy) is missing a piece from his necklace
3. Male to the far right is missing a feather from his head dress
4. The picture is visibly darker
5. The chief is missing a white mark from his forehead
The lady on the right - her sash changes from red to brown
The lady on the left - her feathers in headdress change from blue to green
Man on the right - feather disappears in headdress
Chief in middle - middle vertical stripe above nose disappears
- the red, white and blue stripe disappears from his necklace


1. The necklace on the white bearded man has blue,white, and red stripe which is missing on 2nd picture.
2. The feathers on the woman with the eagle are Blue on one and green on the other.
3. The man with the spear is missing a feather on the right side of his headdress.
4. The white bearded man has a small white dash between two blue marks above his nose and between his eyebrows, which is missing in the 2nd picture.
5. The woman with the bow and arrow has a red drape to the right of her bow which is brown/orange in the picture below.

Big Marto

centre person has red , white and blue rectangle on neck piece. Figure 2nd from right has extra feather on headdress. Figure 2nd from left has green rather than blue feathers on headdress. Person on far right has Khaki rather than red shawl.


1.Feather color on the second girl, first pic its blue and second its green.
2.Last feather on the fourth guy is lacking in the second pic (head feathers).
3.Cloth color on the fifth girl, in first is red, in second brown.
4.Middle part of the necklace on the middle guy is missing colors in the second picture.
5.Third guy is missing white paint on his forehead in the second picture.
Figure 1 No Differences
Figure 2 Head Dress Colors
Figure 3 Pendant
Figure 3 Forehead Decoration
Figure 4 Feather Missing on Head Dress
Figure 5 Color of Garment


1. lady second from left - feather hat color different (blue and green)
2. center guy - white line on forehead in first image, not in second
3. lady extreme right - top color different in both images (red in first, light brown in second)
4. guy second from right - number of feathers in hat different (14 in first image, 13 in second),
5. can't find 5th difference


Feathers green - blue
Forehead middle
Chest middle
Feather man right
woman right red - brown
Federn grün - blau
Stirn Mitte
Brust Mitte
Feder Mann rechts
frau rechts rot - braun



there are several 'color differences' and one feather is missing in the head of the indian guy from the right.
color differences are in:
1 - green to blue feathers in the indian short girl head (on the left)
2 - indian in the middle has an extra white mark in the forehead and some colors are missing in the neckless stone (blue/white/red)
3 - indian girl on the right there is a difference in colors on some kind of scarf (red / brown)


From left, the color of feathers on the girl's head is different. one feather (the little one) on the 4th man is missing in the second picture. the emblem on the necklace in the 2nd picture is missing (the old man) and finally, the color of the ribbon on the woman's chest differs.
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