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Spot The Difference -February 2020- Week 1

  • Thread starter DeletedUser110603
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2nd person from the left has blue feathers in headdress in one image and green in the other.
The middle guy has a vertical paint mark missing from his forehead
Middle guy has red, white and blue piece missing from his neck jewelry
Person on the right has red triangle cloth by bow and brown in the other
Man 2nd from right is missing a feather from the right of his headdress
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1. Girl's feathers' color
2. Chief - white stripe on the head above the nose
3. Chief - Dutch flag on the collar
4. Guy with the spear - one feather is missing on the hat
5. Woman with bow - color of the dress


5 Differences ...

Blue feathers on 2nd Indian head dress (girl)
one feather missing on 4th Indian headdress
Centre of neckless missing on middle Indian
Small stripe of paint on forehead missing on middle Indian
dress colour on 5th Indian (girl)



head dress of first women, stash of last women,necklase of chief,head of the fawlken is darker, head dress on last woman darker.


1. Feathers color for the second guy changed from blue to green
2. Person in the middle lost white stripe from his forehead
3. And also lost red-white-blue thing from his necklace
4. Fourth guy is missing one feather
5. Fifth girl's cloth color changed from red to brown


1. Feather on the right side of a crown(second from right)
2. Color feathers on crown (second from left)
3. Color of a chest(first from right)
4. White line on a forehead (chief in middle)
5. Red/blue pendant (chief in middle)


The elder's necklace is missing a red stone. The temple has different colors. Headgear on hawk holder woman had different feather colors. Hawk's size changes. The top of the woman carrying a bow is a different color.


5 blue feathers in 1st picture against 5 green feathers on the 2nd picture


1-girl with bird (left): several feathers in head gear green instead of blue
2-old man in the middle: no paint on nose ridge
3-old man in the middle: part of neck decoration is different
4-man (right): feather missing in his head gear
5-girl (right): fabric has a different color (brown vs. red)
see attached file with circles in areas with differences



spot the difference FoE Xaho.JPG

1: feathers changes colour on 2nd person from the left
2: head decoration changed on 3rd person from the left
3: neck dress changed on 3rd person from the left
4: feather missing in on 4th person from the left
5: cloth changed colour on the 5th person from the left


1. Feather color on the girl's head;
2. White mark on the old man's forehead;
3. Red/white/blue element on the old man's necklace;
4. Extra feather on the man's head on the right;
5. Red piece of cloth on the woman's left breast.


Feather colors on 2nd Inca, White mark above nose and emulate in necklace on 3rd Inca, Feather missing on headdress 4th Inca, and Tunic color on 5th Inca


Different coloured feathers on lady second in from left

Red top on lady on far right brown on other

On the chief in middle he has the red white blue bit missing on his pendant

Man stood to right of chief has top right feather missing

Chief in middle got white war paint above nose missing
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