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Do Not Suggest: Special Events Buildings Selection Kit act as 1-Up if at max Level.


Proposal: If you have a Special Event Building that is at max Level, but is lower than your Current Age, then using s Selection Kit for that Special Event Building will Increase the Buildings Age by 1 Level (Like a 1-UP would do)

Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested?
I searched and could not find this Idea Listed Previously.

Balance: It Gives a Use for Older Selection Kits besides being Auction Fodder, and being only a 1-Up does not make it too powerful.


one ups are being give via Expeditions, Relics, Events and Dealer (might i miss something)
i personaly find it strategic to have them limited but end game you have way more than you'll ever need..


Not sure why you would waste a selection kit instead of just doing some GE to get a 1up kit, but it really isn't overpowered so the only thing it will do will disadvantage the player that switches a selection kit for 1 up so I think it is a good idea.
Actually, positively saying no to avoid confusion and making the game easier. Every items kept in the game for reason and introducing this idea devalues another item. Technically, this idea should be under DNS and no voting poll.

Why DNS?

- Bringing the changes make game easier.
- Instead of waiting or progressing in the game to collect one up kit and renovation kit, making the game richer for few.
- Selection kit already has two choice. If it is under max level, it blocks you to try again. Before max level, it does what has been suggested.

It is just a matter of patience to keep one selection kit to use after reaching that age or use one up/renovation kit.

klods hans

To add to the idea, it would be nice, if we could use...
the rogue hideout shrink kit as a WW shrink kit
and the coin rush as a supply rush
and the ritual flame upgrade as a TF upgrade
and the self-aid kit as a store building
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