SPARTANS are Recruiting!



We are a level 17 rank 97 guild run by Jo the Fair and Maezy321

Are you tried of playing in the GE in your current guild week on week and not coming 1st? Well we strive to win every week, with a total of 57 wins so far!

We are currently a small guild and we want to grow. It consists of 9 active members. We are all here to support each other, take trades, help GBs in the mud and on swap threads.

GE participation comes with the expectation that you must complete all 3 levels when competition is tough. A normal non competitive week, level 1 should be completed. Other requirements, have fun!

We currently have 9 guild members in eras ranging from Bronze Age to Modern era with all members actively progressing.

We need new members to grow with us, kick butt at winning in the GE and help the guild grow in to one of the best in Mount Killmore.

The guild is invite only so we look forward to seeing your invites and welcoming you to the guild!

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