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New Content Space Age - Asteroid Belt feedback


@priscothewrathful please when you have time or desire to let me know what is the point of this thread?
also please let me know what was the point of the beta thread again if you have time or the desiire to so... I really don't mind if you don't


Master Corporal
Or you can build a Space Carrier !!!!
I don't have enough Mars Ore to complete all SAAB techs and the Space Carrier is giving random special goods,i got the most of the time Promethium which i don't need it anymore because i get a lot from my Arctic Harbor,Space Carrier should give special goods from the player's age after unlocking Arctic Future not from previous age/eras !


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so here is another feedback
fix the bugs that were on the beta
my mars ore and credits dissapeared, no explanation, no lore, no nothing, just POOF and they are gone...
this is just terrible bullying from your side

just why you are at it, take all my diamonds, coin, buildings and just delete this game and again without explanation - the best at what you are
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Think there might be an image missing from the Space carrier, I get the 'splash' of a reward when it levels but cant see what it is on every product, seen prom and oric, anybody else the same?


My ore is still there :) credits will have disappeared as they were for the mars colony which you lose access to when entering SAAB
the credits are the same currency tho, there is no explanation whatsoever why they dissapeared, they did only just for the lolz from devs, I see no other thing that can explain this frustring thing...
The mars ore as well, cause you can do now get ore in your city for 3x3 building in around 40 ORE, you could for no space produce up to 500 PER DAY, what the... is the question...

We are literrally being robbed out of features instead given new ones.. and it frustrates me, if I can rollback I would until they fix this MISTAKE they have produces and I Would be glad if my mars ore and credits got returned... the ones Inno robbed


I mean you are releasing ERAs every 6 months and are thinking on how to make people stay in the game and they think that by making it a chore and a long processes they will make people invested in the game stay..

Making the game like this instead of more fun is the opposite effect you are looking for with customers and end users...

I am just gonna leave this here and won't come again back for a while, because this is just beyond stupid... because people are telling you this since AF came out and no one is listening from your END.
VF was refreshing than the garbages SAM, OF, AF and SAAB are, cheers


when collecting with 5 diamonds it doesn't start the production for Mars ore... GREAT GAME!


It's been 3 days. In those 3 days I haven't seen a single staff answer.
Seems this thread is indeed contributing to nothing and you don't give a care about our feedback.


The point is to collect feedback in a single place and pass it onto the devs.
First off all I love you. You are one of the staff members that I really, really like and do your job.
And I may understand what you might want to say, but please be open for a discussion on those things first one beta and then on live, it would be appreciated at least from me and maybe from the community.
Thank you.


What the hell was that you have to research again goods buildings from mars era just to put them in the main city? And again you don't give any expansions for the main city but more and more buildings to put where?