New Bug: Some weird issues with timers on the app

Discussion in 'Bug Report section' started by ih8regin, Nov 27, 2018.

  1. ih8regin

    ih8regin Emperor

    Oct 16, 2017
    World: F and P (once in each)
    App version: 1.139.0
    Overview: Sometimes the app shows incorrect ETA counters on some of the production buildings. Server side they have completed production, client side some of the buildings display an ETA. Today at 07:05AM MST I've set my 5 blacksmiths in F to 1h production due to DC (have to notice that they are not normally running any production and instead stay uncollected), at 08:09AM I checked the app and found out that one of the blacksmiths displayed finished production with a star, while 4 others were not, I've checked ETA on one of those and it said 18:52 left. I did a reload and bam, all 4 blacksmiths have in fact completed production, and all were not motivated. Before I've hit the same issue in P with six butchers set to 24h, four were finished (three motivated one not) and one of the other two stated it has 2:50:xx left of production - but it couldn't be, as I was collecting late at night that time, so 2:50:00 forward last day (aka 21:10:00 back) I was fast asleep. I did a reload on the app, and those two remaining butchers were in fact also finished.
    Screenshots: Well, the screen looks as if nothing happened, say blacksmiths are displayed with ongoing counters with some ETA, de facto the production is already finished, so not attaching any
    How often this occurs: Rarely (so far twice in this week), probably is related to the fact I don't unload the app while my device is asleep.
    Urgency: Minor
    Preventative actions: Reload fixes the issue if it manifests, but man, it should not be there in the first case!
    Summary: Sometimes (twice in the last week, at least) the app does not properly update *some* of the production timers.
    I have tried searching: Yes, didn't search deep tho, as there were no problems with timers for 5 previous versions (in fact never in this year).
    Common fixes tried: Yes, reloading the app works perfectly. Still, WTF?
    Hardware info: Samsung Galaxy tab 4, Android stock version 4.4.2.

    Proposed detection:
    1) Build 20+ blacksmiths;
    2) Set all of them rapidly to 1h (doubt the issue will appear with lesser intervals) with app;
    3) Set an alarm to 1h00 forward;
    4) Confirm it started by tapping the last blacksmith set to production;
    5) Minimize the app (I used home button), then turn off the device's screen (short tap on power with Android devices)
    6) Wait for alarm, launch the app from home screen, check blacksmiths. Best if your account would get some of those blacksmiths motivated, maybe this affects the issue.
  2. Vesiger

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    Jan 2, 2016
    Is it possible that the timers are affected by switching between apps?
    My tavern bonus timer frequently freezes up, and I get the impression this is caused by playing other games without closing down FoE 'properly ' first...