Soldiers cannot be regenerated

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Hi all,
After the soldiers get killed in the army. I am not able to regenerate them after the upgrade that took place yesterday.

I have lost a few soldier in a battle but there is no option to train them below their icons. It only shows the time to heal but it does not heal.
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Report this in-game, and they will take care of it for you m8. Right click in your village screen, click support in the white popup, select the world you are in, reason is a bug, and then add your details, and submit. Please know that with the update, it may take a small amount of time to get a reply back on it because they have support requests coming in frequently, but they will reply to you, and help you out. Sorry you have to deal with this, but bugs do pop up in the weirdest places during updates, lol. Hope it gets fixed soon, and thanks for playing FoE.


if they were not killed but rather injured then you cant get new ones but need to wait for them to heal.the time to heal written underneath is not that accurate as it refers to 1 hp but the troops have multiple hp. so if it says 12mins to heal that refers to 12 minutes per health point and a soldier could be missing 10 hp meaning it needs 120 mins to heal fully. also only 1 troop can be healed at a time so the 2nd injured troop wont begin recovery till the first is 100% and so on

Shining Crow

This just happened to me on Dinegu. My 'Soldier' was killed, then appeared in barracks with red line, but a refresh fixed it.
Two soldiers had been killed, one in hand-to-hand, the other was shot by ballistas, not sure which one was affected, but I was able to rebuild one while the other had the red health.

Has this been reported as a bug? Had a look but couldn't find it, I'll post one if not
I have had similar and found logging out then in "KILLED" the soldier who could then be re-generated. I never realized that only one "wounded" unit healed at a time, that makes sense as to why some units never seemed to heal. i think the update has some other bugs I get a lot of graphic break up around the neighbourhood bar - again I log out and in.
Another problem is the time left to visit your guild members is often black no times. Clicking on neighbourhood and back to guild has no effect - again log in and out does the trick. Its annoying but not the end of the world. I still think the game is brilliant and this is only "beta" I have not reported any of these yet.
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