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today i've started my 4th city. started in sinerania as its the most recent released world, and one of top 10 players there is a guildmate of mine in korch.

my first city is this, started in 2018 october
1st world.JPG

currently RP is 55.7 M
era: TE(but has OF units)
notable high GBs is, arc 81, CF 81, CC 73, traz 76, cdm 50, GT 23, the rest are all level under 20
guild is Radical Pirates

my 2nd city, think started in 2020 april is this
2nd world.JPG

currently RP is 3.9M
era: CA
notable high GB, arc 60, traz 14, the rest are crap low level
guild is EARTH

my 3rd city, think started in 2020 june is this

3rd world.JPG

very very very un developed, although i have played there for a long time. usually use it for emergency GE diamond refill
i hardly do in anything in this world
current RP is 38k
era: IA
guild is the lazy leaders

my 4th world is this. started in 4/21 2021
4rth world.JPG

didnt even unlock social bar :/
still i wonder what new friends i will meet

this is my beta account, i kinda registered my name ridiculous, just ignore
account name is redvelvet
dont know when i started but started about the time when 2020 fall event started in beta. log inning about once a week to see any changes. have only oracle and zeus. theres not much joinable guild in beta that im in a guild that is even not english lol
RP is 22300
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