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Slow gameplay on OSX


  • World: East Nagach
  • Browser and Version: Latest Safari, Firefox, Chrome
  • Overview of the bug: Game runs very slow on OSX regardless of browser
  • Screenshots: N/A
  • How often this occurs: Continuously
  • Urgency: High
  • Preventative Actions:
  • Summary: On both my Mac's FoE runs very slowly, particularly in GvG, it takes almost 30 second to select troops and go into each battle, it has got particularly bad in recent months.


Hi rhinopower, welcome to the forums.

On my mac i eventually switched from running FOE on safari, to using Chrome - but i find that i need to clear my browser history every couple of hours or the whole thing clogs up, eventually leading to shockwave crash. I have HA switched off at the moment but it really doesn't seem to matter whether it is on or off.
Are there any Mac users out there who do find the game runs satisfactorily on a Mac? if so, please let us know what works best for you.


Sorry for my late reply.

I've tried running with hardware acceleration on and off, but i will try your suggestion of using chrome, and keep browsing history etc etc turned off so it won't clog up. Thanks for your help.


Hi rhinopower,

Just checking in to see if your reported issue has been resolved or if you have noticed an improvement with Chrome?

Please do let us know :o

Edit: No reply on this thread for over a week - moving this thread to the Archive for now, but if anyone has anything to add, feel free :)


Slow gameplay OS X persists

I am having the same issues on my new MacBook Pro (16GB RAM, NVidia Geforce GT750M 2GBVRAM videocard, OS X 10.9.4).
What is causing this??? Having HA on or off doesn't make any difference. Using Safari or Firefox isn't helping neither.
When I switch to a PC again, everything is working normal, meaning that the speed of the gameplay is there.
Please solve this or at least find the root cause of this on a Mac (OS X)


Old posts here but I always suffer from terrible slowdown on OSX with Chrome. Looking at the above advice I just tried launching FoE in 'Incognito' mode and it definitely seems faster; not as good as my Windows PC (But that is also many times more powerful than my MBP) but definitely faster than non-Incognito mode.