Silver is recruiting


Silver is recruiting active players willing to:

*Trade fairly & aid regularly
*Participate in GE & Guild life
*Own or at least be prepared to get an Observatory/Atomium/Arc/Hall of Fame.
*Give GvG assitance by making a regular contribution to treasury/donating troops to defences etc

In return enjoy:

* Rewards associated to our level, ie, daily fps from your town hall, a reduction in coin and supply of all buildings, a reduction in time required to recruit and heal units.
* Access to members ranging in experience who can provide advice and support with all aspects of the game if/when required.
*Traditional GB clubs & active fp chase threads
*Active Obs/Atomium/Arc programme.
*New GBs built within a minimal time frame
*An active Quizz thread and a weekly lottery.
We enjoy a laugh so bring your sense of humour with you!

Contact rainbow3 for an invite