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  • Thread starter DeletedUser14881
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Before ask for a "signature" (you'll understand the reason of quotes) is this GFX section is strictly focused in signatures and avatars for this discussion board?

I don't really care with image in signature (although some of them, here, are very nice) but I would like something similar, but wider (in terms of image size) and thus, I'm not sure if I can ask this here.


I believe that this section is for avatars/banners for this (foe) forum only, but I could be wrong there.

The maximum size of any banner on this forum is 500x100 so I don't think it'll be much wider as many other banners here (mine is very close to the maximum size).


Actually signatures can be bigger now (the rules changed a few months ago):
- Signatures must be a maximum of 140 pixels high, and 700 pixels wide. This also includes any lines of text added to the side or underneath the signature.


Well... I don't really care about image signatures or super-fancy avatars. I only posted here because this is one of the few sites I know with such kind of offer. The real deal would be a FB cover based upon this image:


But reversed, I mean, the dragon head to the left so it could be detached and used as avatar. But as you can see the image has a terrible resolution and I couldn't find any other like this one. That's why I came here.

My little sister has more talent in one finger than I have in both hands, but she is just a kid using pre-made tools and non-profissional softwares. But she said she could enlarge the image from here to the 851x315 of a FB cover and even detach the dragon head for me without ruin he artwork.

Is that allowed?