Side Quests Requirements too far out

Discussion in 'General Community Discussions' started by RonAnanda, Jun 14, 2019 at 1:15 AM.

  1. RonAnanda

    RonAnanda Private

    Jun 9, 2018
    Once again I enter into a new age, VF, and the side quests want you to build something that is about 10 research sections out... not good.
  2. Cursedveggie

    Cursedveggie Legend

    Jan 11, 2018
    Either wait until you get to them or skip them to get to the recurring quests
  3. Test Ament

    Test Ament Overlord

    Aug 8, 2013
    but that is how new ages work
    all side quests are available when entering the age
    even if one would be "research the last tech of the age"

    unlike in older ages where something trigger them
    if you have done xy (map, research, ...) then the quest will be available

    that is the decision
    do the side quests and not recurring quests
    or abort most side quests of the age and do recurring quests

    if it is the Parade that can be won in GE