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Si. Patrick game

  • Thread starter DeletedUser117019
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Each day we get 100 pots of gold BUT after working ones way up we need 500 to upgrade a supplier so we have to wait 5 days before we can proceed. That is not conducive to enjoying the game but is frustrating. I'm sure that when I finally reach the next stage it will be far more than 500. Another annoyance is that a prize is an upgrade of a building BUT when one does not have that building the upgrade is useless. I have loads of worthless upgrades.
The trick is to only spend gold on the important managers and then as little as possible.

This way you can do multiple towns


I do that BUT you did not comment on the point that requiring over 500 pots to upgrade when one only gets 100 pots a day takes 5 days to be able to upgrade.
You get 100 pots for logging in and 100 pots per a quest (200 a day) and at some point, think it was quest 35, it switches to 150 pots for a quest so that's 250 pots a day!

I do not use diamonds for events but have lost count of how many towns I have done and wouldn't be surprised if it was in double figures


I am running 9 cities all of them are stuck in the first Irish town. None have allowed a change of town. How did you do it?
Only upgrade hat, flower, cake and drinks factories enough to unlock the fireworks factory.

Get the ship and manager to 300 and fireworks to 50.

Only upgrade ship manager and festival manager to level 3 and fireworks manager to lvl 2, only do the others if there is no other quest options and you need to clear one.

Takes most of a day to get to that point but this gives around 2.5Q in 2 hours meaning in the morning you are ready to start again!

Dont worry about doing every quest on every town, it's better to start again and do lots of easier ones than waiting to finish the last 2 or 3 on each town