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Do Not Suggest: Shrinking Great Buildings

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Perhaps one way to keep long-term players interested in playing would be to have an option to Shrink Great Buildings beyond the point of current Diminishing Returns on many of the GB, say the first "shrink level" would occur at Level 100, then Level 150, then Level 200, etc. The maximum a large GB could shrink to would be 4 x 4 so some of the smaller and earlier GB's would not shrink at all.

Inno is a business, and it makes money by people using diamonds, most of the diamond sales are during special event to acquire special buildings. But what happens when you played long enough that you have run out of room, your GB are maxed out to the point of diminishing returns, and you have no place to put a special building, Those special events that are the money makers for Inno become really annoying. Players loose interest and eventually the game fizzles out. The size of the city has always been a constraining factor, but as people have been playing for 5 to 6 years, the size becomes the biggest constraint of all. This proposal allows long-time players a long-term yet hard way to achieve the ultimate goal of most advanced players getting more space.

Much like Inno currently uses the shrink kits for rouge hideouts and other special buildings. , Great Buildings would shrink at specified levels say at Level 100, 150, 200, 250, etc. As an example AO which is a 7x7 building at Level 100 would shrink to 6x7, at level 150 to 6x6, at level 200 to 5x6, at Level 250 to 5x5, at level 300 to 4x5 and at level 350 to a 4x4. The Arc would shrink from 7x5 to 6x5 at Level 100, to a 5x5 at Level 150, to a 5x4 at Level 200 and to a 4x4 at Level 250. While CDM would go to 4x5 at Level 100 and 4x4 at Level 150.

Visual Aids:
No visual aides.

The only change this would do would allow advanced players to put up more buildings over time and provide players additional goals to level their GBs, beyond the current point of diminishing returns.

Abuse Prevention:
GB leveling is an important part of the game this new idea would not add any new potential abuses associated with leveling GBs. In fact it could potentially create a more even playing field as higher level players are more inclined to rely on one another and lower level players to level their GB.

I love Forge of Empires I have played for a while and to a certain extent Inno has done a great job of keeping it fresh, expect when it comes to the main city. Shrinking Great Buildings would provide some much needed breathing room for more advanced players offering a breath of fresh air in stale towns.
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FoE Team
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This is on the DNS list in several ways.

What Not To Suggest?

Please note that any other ideas along the same lines will also be moved to this forum, and not forwarded, so it's in your own best interest not to suggest any ideas similar to these.

In particular, please do not suggest the following ideas, as they will not be implemented:

  • Ideas to make yourself richer.. or make the game easier. The game is meant to be played over time and is meant to have a lot of strategy to it.
  • Expansions as rewards. The game is meant to be played with the space available, its part of the challenge to decide what to put and keep in your city.
  • New buildings or items. Buildings and items are decided upon according to a feature, event, era and need to ensure they are balanced within the game
  • Suggestions for new Great Buildings
  • Changes to Great Building Bonuses. if there is an issue with a GB that needs balancing this should be discussed in a feedback section rather than as a new idea.