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Unformatted: Shrinking Great Buildings


Long-time player, but new to forum. I originally played this game for GvG, and still love it to this day but can't always be online at recal. Like many I play the game for the social comradery of a great guild and while I love many of the new features GBG, and the settlement, but let's face it, if you play long enough and are in a good guild, you start reaching the point of diminishing returns. Leveling Great Buildings works great until Level 60 or 80 and then, what's the point, when you have attack over 1000%, you are making more goods of higher ages than you or guild can use, and what to do with the 700 fps I make a day, when most of my buildings are beyond the point of diminishing returns? Even special events loose their luster when you can't find space to put down the new exciting buildings without giving up your old favorites. And lets face it Inno stays in business by players spending diamond during those special events. Maybe it has been a while since a new age has been released... and along with it more expansions. But even then I am on my last column of expansions... What to do then? My Great Buildings are all at level 60 or 80, my town is full of special event buildings, and I have no room for more.... Then it dawned on me, I need space and a place to invest my fps. If only I could invest in my Great Buildings to make them smaller. Of course, this would start at a really high level beyond the point of diminishing returns,, say Level 100 you could shrink a 6 x 6 to a 5 x6, at level 150 a 5x6 to a 5x5, at level 200 a 5x5 to a 4x5 at level 250 a level 4x5 to a 4x4, you get the drift. Obviously, different GB would have different optimum maximum levels just as they do now, but if my AO could be a 4x4 by Level 350, 350 here I come!!! I think a 4x4 being the smallest size you could shrink a GB, so some of our smaller GBs wouldn't shrink, but suddenly, now I have reason to log on in the mornings!!!! A place to reinvest my fps. and room for the next special event.