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Implemented: Showing tower rankings during the period between closing and next tournament

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After a PVP tournament for a specific Age ends, there is a brief period of time when the tournament tower displays as closed until the next week's tournament starts. During this time, the tower rankings for the previous week are removed and only the winner's name and Avatar are shown. I propose that the ladder rankings be kept until the next week's tournament starts, so that players can still see where they ended up being ranked (as well as their reward), once the tower closes.

Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested?
I have checked through the Ideas section as well as used the forum search function and have not seen a similar suggestion.

Currently when a tournament ends, any medals won are added to your total without notice. Unless a player remembers their previous medal total and how much they were supposed to win, there is no way for them to tell what position in the tower they ended with.

My proposal is to simply keep the tower rankings visible when the tournament ends and the tower is closed, then remove them when the new week's tournament starts.

Visual Aids:
Example screenshots within spoiler tags.

How a PVP tower looks currently once the tournament ends and it is closed:
My proposal on how a PVP tower would look once the tournament ends and it is closed:
Balance/Abuse Prevention:
Should create no balance or abuse issues, as far as I can tell.

This is a low importance idea and may not matter to many people. I was just thinking of how someone's ranking in a tower could change while they were offline, and if the tournament ended before they checked again, they may never even notice.


+1 from me too it would be much better to be able to see what points would be required next week too as a target.



+1 I think it would improve the competition of tower tournaments if you knew who was ranked near to you and where you came in relation to others, and how far off the leader you were to give you an idea what to aim for next week.

If not the entire ranking, then at least the score of the leader should be displayed next to his name in the current champion box throughout the next tournament too, so people have something to aim for in the next round and so you can compare yourself with the previous winner.

Shining Crow

+1 I agree.

Just a note though. I conquered a province while the tournament was on it's down time, and the points were added to the competition just completed, even though the medals had already been received. Shown in the position list in the end of battle report, not on the tower table.

Related but not necessarily the same issue:
We just had our merger. Looking at the towers now, both champs are from the new people, which I presume means we were merged into them.
Would it be possible to have both sets of tables showing (all if more than 2 neighbourhoods were merged). Especially as it's less than 12 hours since the tournament ended
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Hey Taeriyn, excellent idea!! I support it because:

  • There may be some people who are unable to access the game during the time period where the tower closes.
  • There is a close fight.
This idea should eliminate scenarios where a player thinks he is in a certain position, goes out / to sleep, comes back and finds that the number of medals they received do not tally with what they thought they should have received.

e.g. John finishes fighting all of his neighbours 1 hour before the LMA tournament ends. At the moment, he is in third place, but Jane is 10,000 points behind him. He assumes Jane should not be able to catch up, and he should get 50 medals. He goes out. When he returns, he checks his number of medals, and notices he only received 40 medals. What he did not know was that Jane managed to get 10,001 points in the last hour, and thereby taking over the third place. Since the PVP Tower rankings only show the champion, John has no way to find out if it was a bug, or if he was legitimately beaten, unless he contacts Support.

This should bring more transparency to the game, so a +1 from me.



Thanks to Lone Ranger pointing it out to me, I have noticed that the tower rankings are still being displayed this week after the towers have closed. Awesome!

Sneaky developers, not mentioning that in the change logs..


+ 1
It would help with planning (or plotting :p) your strategy for next week - figure out which neighbours are persistent, waiting until the last moment to strike etc. All in all, a useful thing to have.


hehe, go to your continent maps a click the relevant towers. It all there for you.


Psst. This was totally added to the game in 0.26. :D
Lmao. :D I never bothered to check any of the PvP Towers I was competing in after the tournaments closed on Sunday. I just assumed there were no any changes. :p

Oh lol! (I still can't find myself since I was in 11th place)
Really? I just checked one of the Towers and the rankings list goes until 16th place - there are 2 out of 10 possible pages.



But I personally would like even more as do many of the posters so far.

1) Can we have the history available all week, not just during the closed time.
2) Can we have a 4 week history available to us

thanks - Mark

PS great change in 0.26 to at least show the results during the closed period.


+1 I always wanted this but was never smart enough to say anything about it .. LOL


As this feature has been implemented with the 0.26 update, the thread will be closed. Anyone with other ideas regarding the rankings (that have not been implemented yet :p) can propose his/her idea in a separate thread.
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